Welcome to the What’s Up Brock blog. This is where I attempt in a humorous and sometimes sarcastic way to blog about my life. Primarily as of late I have been blogging about food, recipes, cooking, but don’t let that fool you. This blog is more in the vain of a lifestyle blog touching on many subjects. There is something for everyone in here from Dogs, Food, Current Events, Love, Music, Harley Davidson Motorcycles to my time in the Marine Corps and other world travels presented in my unique perspective.

Content is always being added so check back often. Feel free to subscribe via RSS/Email and if you’re of the Facebook persuasion you can always check the What’s Up Brock Facebook page for updates. Thanks again for stopping by. Read something, laugh or smile then we’ll both win.

So jump in with me, and lets see where this ride goes. I don’t know the final destination, but like the movie Spinal Tap this one goes to eleven! Hang On.