Happy New Years or Yea Right. Where the hell have you been?

Yes, its been a while. Sometimes life has a way of re-directing your attention for a time. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to blog or have anything of significance to say. Sometimes its just like “why?” and I’m all like “because, F- you thats why.” Sometimes its just as simple as I’m busy or tired or happy somewhere else.

Today I’ll swing by this blog, update the software and plugins, and do the general maintenance that none of you readers gives a shit about.

I do have some observations and random statements.

There is a lot of stupid people in the world. Stupid knows no bounds. Our President and current government are stupid.

Look at the majority of people on Facebook most of them are stupid.

Walk down the street. See all the people? Yep their all pretty much stupid.

IRS, stupid.
EPA, stupid.
Al Sharpton, stupid.
Radical Islam, stupid.
Ultra right wing fundamentalist Christian conservative, stupid.
Liberals, stupid.
Sony, stupid.
North Korea, stupid.
Pop music, stupid.
Someone that insists on telling others “They are not stupid.” Yep you guessed it they are fucking stupid!

I literally could fill line after line and page after page of examples of stupid. Then I’d be stupid.

You have the right to be as stupid as you want to be. Hell I don’t even care if you want to be stupid. Where I do take exception is when you aren’t happy being stupid and want to force others to be as stupid as you. You stupids do this through legislation, the mainstream media, your churches, and civic groups.

Really, go be as stupid as you want. Leave me the hell alone. I am perfectly content watching you be stupid.

My folks finally got a new puppy. See? His name is Cooper. He’s not stupid.



Test test 1,2,3 is this thing on?

So yea, its like 2/3 of the way through July and I haven’t posted since mid February. Way to stay consistent Brock. Ah well screw it. Nobodies perfect. I always said I wouldn’t post just to post if I didn’t have something to say. Not that I have anything earth shattering to say right now, but I thought it prudent to reach out to you loyal readers and tell you I am fine, all is good and I pooped three times today. I feel like million bucks.


I got one of these with a buddy of mine. There was another but he’s in the freezer now.


I turned these into this for mothers day this year. She was happy. I’m a damn good son.


I am going back next month with a couple of these to fill up again.


I got some of these.


To ride one of these


This one isn’t mine but I borrow him from time to time. I’m going to get my own.


These three are still with me. Stop! Shut up! and Get Down! We keep shit real.


Its almost Football season. Thank Christ!

So there you have it. A small pictorial to catch you up on the happenings these last couple of months. There is more, but for now I’ll close and just assure you I have more posts coming along.

So be nice, be safe, and enjoy your time here.

Semper Fi, and Let ‘er rip tater chips.

Black bandana, sweet Louisiana

Robbin’ on a bank in the state of Indiana
She’s a runner, rebel and a stunner
Oh her merry way sayin’ baby whatcha gonna
Lookin’ down the barrel of a hot metal forty five
Just another way to survive

Hello faithful readers. Happy Monday. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Happy Presidential Inauguration Day.

I miss Bill Clinton. Well let me rephrase. I miss Bill Clinton chasing ass around the White House. It nice to see he hasn’t changed as evidenced by the picture of him above snapped today. Stay classy Bill.

I wish I could tell you some exciting news about this past weekend. There isn’t much. New computers, big work projects, chores, and associated skullduggery and here we are.

Its the beginning of another week in the salt mines, and a President entering his second term. A president who thinks its absolutely ok to kill americans abroad with predator drones without any due process or the first constitutional check. Did you know that? Probably not since the administration is too busy figuring out ways to keep honest law abiding citizens from obtaining and owning assault style weapons with high capacity magazines. Except of course if you happen to be a Mexican drug cartel then its ok. The hypocrisy of this administration would be laughable if it wasn’t so sadly true. In the end we ultimately get the representation we deserve.

I have been watching the news lately in regards to gun control. While I doubt there will be anything to pass the house by way of federal law, I still wont bet against it. As a simple businessman with an interest towards economy, I bet President Obama would have been in a U-Haul right now heading back to Chicago. We know how that turned out. I won’t speculate about no sweeping changes in gun laws heading our way.

When I hear or read arguments about future gun control and the left or the right for that matter use the “hunting rifles and target shooting weapons are ok and no one needs thirty round magazines or military assault weapon” I cringe. Here is the bottom line as simple as can be explained regarding the second amendment.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Now people can twist this any way they want. Notice in here there is NOTHING regarding anything about “Hunting”. There is also nothing in here regarding assault weapons or high capacity magazines or clips. This amendment very simply states we have the right to bear arms to protect the security of the free state. In the context of the time, it meant people of Florida, or Georgia, or any other of the states could keep and bear arms to protect the state from the government or unknown outside influences. I know a lot of gun control advocates who either didn’t take a fucking history class or choose to ignore it, but I’ll help some more, in ebonics and street talk.

When us round eye, pale skinned honkeys first came here, we were a part of ENGLAND. As more and more of us came from England to this new world, we posted our asses up and down the east coast and called these new hoods, colonies, which we later after building some McDonalds, and KFC’s we called states.

Then ENGLAND said “Oh hell no. You honkeys has moved on up, you needs to pay more of your money to the King”. Then the tea came from England and the King said, you pay more. We were all like, “Fuck you”, and dumped that shit tea into the harbor.

Then some old guys like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and a bunch of others from each state, hung out and drank beer in Philadelphia Pa. While they were getting drunk they decided to write a letter to the King of England telling him to eat a bunch of dicks. Also that for now on we were not part of England, we were now the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence was the fuck you letter we sent to king. John Hancock hated the King of England so much he wanted to wipe his cock all over the paper, but being a man of class and honor, he just signed his name real big so the old bastard would see it without his spectacles.

Now the smart old dudes that made up and signed the fuck you letter to the King of England knew the King would send an army to try and kick our asses. They talked some tall bastard with wooden teeth to gather a bunch of men from each state with their own weapons to band together to fight the war with the English. Wooden teeth dude was George Washington.

The english army showed up, George Washington and his collection of homeboys from each state, fought England and they kicked their asses.

We won our independence and became the United States of America.

Now when all this shit was done, the drunk old dudes in Philly who wrote the “Fuck You” letter to England, decided to write another paper. This paper was called “The Constitution”. This paper dictated how we as the New United States would govern ourselves. We knew how bad England sucked ass and that we didn’t want to wind up like England. A lot of beer was drunk, Ben Franklin screwed some French whores, and Thomas Jefferson got to writing shit up. Thomas Jefferson was a smart guy with good handwriting who liked the dark meat. The main idea was that all United States men were free, could do what we want, and no one person had ultimate power to rule. Checks and balances were put in place to keep any one person or group from ruling over another.

Things we’re cool at first, but then a few years later, when the dudes in Philly sobered up, they realized the constitution wasn’t perfect and needed some fine tuning. They got together again, and wrote another paper called the Bill of Rights. See they knew government and power of any kind left unchecked can get too powerful and just use the system to make its own laws and then they were right back to the old days of England and the King fucking with people. So being sober and smart, the Philly crew created the second amendment of the Bill of Rights. Its what I show above.

This amendment was very simple. People can keep arms, to protect their individual states safe from the government. If the Government got to screwing around and wanted to kick Florida or Georgia’s ass then the Florida or Georgia boys could use their guns, (same as the Government guns) to fight back if need be, and say “better slow your roll bitch, we don’t play like that”.

The founding fathers (Philly beer club dudes) knew this would keep the government they created from ever getting too powerful like England tried and taking away the right of free men to be happy and not be fucked with.

In the context of the time of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the government had muskets and the free people had muskets.

Today our government has thirty round magazines and assault weapons. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE. If our Government has these weapons, free law abiding United States Citizens are entitled to the exact same weapons.

Do you understand this now? You may not want an assault weapon with a thirty round magazine. You don’t have to have one. You may not need an assault weapon with a thirty round magazine, but if your standard federal government has one, then you are protected by birth and the drunk Philly crew to own that exact same weapon.

This my friends is history, and this my friends is freedom. There is no simpler way to understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or what the founding fathers meant when they created both documents.

Also understand your buddy down the street doesn’t need a nuclear warhead and his own B-52 bomber and we have laws to deal with that scenario. However every free, law abiding man and now woman, in this country has the right to own any weapon that his or her own government could hypothetically show up at their front door with and meet and defend their freedom with the same force. Thats the Constitution. Thats the Second Amendment. That is the last check and balance of TRUE FREEDOM.

Since those founding fathers gave us this right, hundreds of thousands of men and some women have given their lives to protect and preserve it.

This isn’t about hunting, or target shooting. This is about freedom to choose and freedom to protect and defend yourself in an equal and as aggressive a manner as our own government could attack free men.

Its the ultimate check and balance that keeps men free against any government we happen to elect and legislatively create. Don’t ever forget this or mistake it for anything else. Everything else concerning the second amendment and gun control outside of what I explain here is complete and utter bullshit looking to limit your freedom, guaranteed by many thousands of men and women who gave their lives to protect.

In closing, you may not want or need to have an assault weapon with a high capacity magazine. You do not have to buy or own one. Its your choice and you have the freedom to do what you want. What you and any government we create doesn’t have is the right to deny any law abiding honest man or woman to go out and buy and own these weapons if they so choose. Their choice to own them can be as simple as “Just fucking because” nothing more.

Hope this wordy and and rather simple explanation brings clarity to those seeking or needing it. Extreme and blunt? Maybe, but I would suggest you crack a history book from anywhere in recorded time and look at every single other civilization, period of time, government or group of people whom were disarmed or limited in their defense by those that ruled over them and see where they are now.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

Lance Armstrong and Neil Armstrong. Three nuts and a trip to the moon.

LanceIf you’ve been watching the news lately then I am sure you know the name Lance Armstrong.

If you have breathed oxygen in the last forty-four years then I am sure you have also heard of the name Neil Armstrong.

Neil ArmstrongBoth of these men share the same last name though not directly related to my knowledge. Both of these men also played a highly pivotal role in shaping american history. It also turns out that chances are relatively high that both men may be in fact liars.

Lance Armstrong if you’ve been under a rock was an american racing bicyclist. After losing one of his balls to testicular cancer, Lance fought back and in the most triumphant way won the worlds premier bicycle racing contest, “The Tour de France” not once but seven times. Thats more wins then any other living soul. It turns out ole’ Lance pedaled his ass to seven wins with the help of illegal performance enhancing drugs. He has subsequently been stripped of his Tour titles and banned from competitively walking across the damn street for life.

We all know who Neil Armstrong is. He was the first american astronaut to successfully fly, land, walk on and return safely from the moon. In 1969 Neil landed on the moon with his pilot buddy Edwin “Buz” Aldrin. When Neil stepped off the lunar lander he spoke the most famous words in human history. “That’s one small step for [A] man. One giant leap for mankind.” Throughout his life Neil Armstrong maintained he just came up with the famous quote after takeoff and during the actual moon landing in the lunar lander. As it turned out ole’ Neil decided not to grace the earth with his presence one more time for good last year. Neil’s brother has since come forward and proclaimed that Neil showed him the famous quote some months before the actual moon mission in a drunken game of checkers, gin rummy, Jenga or whatever other games the most elite engineering, aeronautical, flight test pilots do when getting ready to strap their asses to the most explosive, highest powered, and complex flying machine of all time headed for the moon.

So here we are, two world famous well known men. Technically speaking both lied. Look at the perception of these men today. Both overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, were the best of the best and inspired millions of people all over the world for years to achieve and overcome.

I guess you can argue one lied and made millions of dollars with the false pretense of being an athletic superhero. The other lied about a simple quotation whom never basked in the spotlight or accepted his super human hero status. A super human status he most certainly was in all respects entitled to claim.

In the end what did the lies cost? In the case of Neil it shows he was a little more down to earth human and completely aware of the significance of the milestone in history he was about to partake. It would have been nice to know and see this side of Neil in the following years after his history making space flight. He wasn’t all straight laced, icy, engineering to the minutest detail type we thought he was. Neil was human and fallible.

As for Lance, well he may be a slightly different story. He clearly lived behind the illusion of his lies and in some cases broke his legal foot off in the asses of more then one person who questioned his integrity in regards to doping. Lance is paying the price for it now too.

To me the question isn’t whether he should or shouldn’t have doped, but how he lived with the lies of doping. Here’s a little clue about doping and the Tour de France. About 80% of the competitors are doing it, so in as far as an unfair advantage and soiling of the integrity of the race, thats a mountain of bullshit only the likes of a government run department of losers would make a big deal over.

Where Lance fucked up is that he believed the lies and used them to prop himself up to sponsors and advertisers. He should have kept his mouth shut about any and all doping, walked away from all accusations and never commented publicly about anyone or thing that claimed he was a cheater. Would he have still been caught and paid the price? You betcha. However he could have laid back, threw his hands in the air without the label of worlds biggest hypocritical asshole, and just said “I cheated and lied because it built and funded the LIVE STRONG foundation for 15 years.”

People will look past a bullshitter and liar whom’s lies and bullshit was used as a means to an end for a serious problem like cancer, or world peace. You go off sticking your one nut root into Sheryl Crow and sue the ass off some team assistant and newspaper that prints a story about you cheating when you know damn well you have and you can kiss your ass away. You my friend are next in line to a tearful Oprah Winfrey interview on a failing cable channel of depressed chick garbage programming. No offense to any and all you maybe  depressed Oprah channel garbage watching ladies.

In the end lying is a selfish act that doesn’t hurt you until it hurts others. If you’re going to consciously hurt someone else with lying, then you better make damn sure you’re curing cancer or walking on the fucking moon.

Let ‘er rip tater chip!

I met a gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis

morecowbell She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.

Well HELLO 2013! I can already tell we need more cowbell around here.

Hope everyone had a nice safe Holidays and new year. Me? It was quiet calm and relaxing. Not a bad way to end the year.

So its a new year and it seems off to a nice bang in Washington. Say what you will about John Boehner but I support anyone telling Harry Reid to “Go fuck himself” outside the oval office, not once, but a loud and clear twice when Reid ask for clarification about what Boehner was talking about. Congress and Senate leadership is in a complete mess in this country at the moment. Any time we can get down to the brass tacks, and tell one of these asshole elitist political scumbags that has made a living taking from the honest and hard work of the citizens of this country, “to go fuck himself” even if it was by one of an other asshole elitist political scumbag, then I am in complete agreement. I cheer on the blunt honesty while saluting the flag and singing the national anthem. The only thing that would make me more excited about politics in this country is if Boehner cold cocked Reid’s old ass right in his suck and floored him into Obama’s office door. I’d happily donate money to  a congressional bail bond fund for assault against each other then any re-election campaign.

In fact I fully support the notion of having congress fist fight in a caged ring to pass legislation. To hell with voting!

Mrs. Feinstein wants to submit and pass a new gun bill? (I call it a gun bill because if you haven’t been paying attention to this bullshit, her bill has nothing to do with assault weapons, as its an all out attack on the 2nd Amendment to tax and then seize or “buy” back all guns period the fucking end….don’t say I didn’t warn you!) Then she gets into ring with another opposing congressional member to fist fight it out untill there is one man or woman standing. She kicks ass she gets her bill, she gets knocked out, no bill, she goes home and has to shut the heck up. I think if you want to make laws to impose on the citizens of this nation (which more times then not makes you money) then you should be willing to stand up and fight for that law with your blood sweat and tears to see it pass.

Extreme? Maybe, but I’ll ask this question in response. Why is it ok for say a young Marine or Army Ranger to go into combat willing to give his or her life for the laws of this country, and the people that make and pass the laws have nothing more to do with the idea then ride on over to capital hill in their limo’s and $1500 suites, while having other people draft the damn lawn for them, and then grandstanding about its passage? Fuck them, they have no skin in the game. Let ’em start taking an ass whipping for their pet project legislation. Then they can have a pay raise, a life long pension, and special healthcare you and I could only fantasize about.

I think thats fair. Or at the very least will cut out a whole heck of a lot of crap going on in Washington. Other then that I don’t feel too strongly on the matter. 😉

In unrelated news….

Someone dropped off a Golden Retriever and an English Bulldog at the shelter. Both males both between 5-7 years old and I’m crushing on both of them. SHIT! I am going to have a house full I know it. I’m going to be like the male equivalent of the crazy cat lady, only I’ll have a pack of damn dogs.

Lucas is already looking at me with the “look”. The don’t you bring no more dogs around here you bastard, this is my home now look.

Ugh, people suck who give up pets. Especially beautiful ones like these. These guys will get homes fast though, even if I don’t intervene in a moment of weakness. So thats some good news.

I’ll close this up for now. I’ll catch you mother scratchers towards the end of he week.

In the words of the Almighty Beastie Boys…….


I like girls in overalls. Good looking girls. Not the plowed 10 miles of bad road kind.

Come on Eileen,coveralls
I swear (well he means) At this moment you mean everything,
With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty
Ah come on Eileen.

Well it looks like someone has set the way-back machine to 1982 Mr. Peabody. That was thirty years ago! Jesus, when I say it like that its rather painful isn’t it? LOL

I was twelve years old in ’82 and didn’t have a care in the world. J. Geils band was ruling Casey Kasem’s weekly top 40, there was no such thing as CD’s the internet, cell phones, and if you were a true lost soul and about to take the wrong path in life, then your biggest decision was if you were going to sneak a few smokes out by the shop class in middle school just a year or two later.

Mr. Graham taught shop at Dan McCarty Middle School. Shannon Fieldhouse was a good looking girl and she smoked cigarettes in the alley by the shop class with a few of us other reprobates. I have no idea how I just remembered all this from thirty plus years ago, when I cant remember what I ate for lunch last week. Thoughts arrive like butterflies!

Anyway, let me make an honest attempt to get this post on a coherent track.

I like overalls. I don’t have any yet but I am looking for some new ones. I used to wear them when I was 4-5 years old and have recently decided that I am getting some more. Why? Why not? Well that and because I am at the age now that I don’t particularly care what others may think. I think overalls in America are what kilts are to the irish/scottish in the sense that the true overall and kilt aficionados do not wear underwear. A tee-shirt some Levi overalls and you’re good to go in all your free balling goodness. Overalls are what built this great country. Look at pictures from the gold rush, steel workers that built the skyscrapers, Henry Fords assembly lines. Overalls!

Best TV in the world, look overalls.

Almost any girl in overalls? Watch out, get out of my way, I am coming through! Overalls!

Yes, I am on the hunt for some new overalls. Or a girl in overalls. Or maybe a cassette tape of J. Geils Band and Dexys Midnight Runners. Or a smoke out by the old shop class.

Screw it, I’ll just take another coffee.


Have a safe new years and I’ll see you all back here in 2013.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

Happy Almost New Year

JellyBeansEveryone feeling fat and happy? I hope the holidays and Santa were kind to you, the faithful reader. I have no reports of domestic violence or homicide so I can only assume everyone got along with their families and enjoyed each others company. It was quiet and low key here which is the way we like it. When Christmas falls in the middle of the week, unless you take the entire week off as most people do, you really cant or at least I can’t seem to get too into the old Christmas spirit.

I got jelly beans for Christmas.

As another year comes to an end I have been reflecting and thinking about the new year to come. Everyones making new year resolutions, wanting to change this thing or that situation. I really don’t have anything special I want to do differently. I try and live life to the best of my ability. Sometimes my best may not be much, and circumstances in my control and not  in my control may dictate otherwise, but I really try and make the best of what comes my way. What’s the point otherwise? Is there things I want to change? Sure there are. I wish I was better looking with a smaller penis, but guess what? I can’t change those things with which I was born. So I might as well make due with the circumstances as best I can. Right?

What about eating more healthy? Ok sure. If by healthy one means the food I enjoy eating isnt made in some Chinese factory with lead paint and child slave labor pee’ing plutonium into the food, sure. I’ll eat more healthy by not buying that crap. I’ll just make it myself without the lead paint and plutonium pee. Easy enough.

I guess what I am trying to say in a less then articulate way, is if I have a resolution it is simple. Keep on living life without regret. Life’s not going to be perfect and frankly sometimes it may outright suck. I’ll make more mistakes, I’ll live, learn and keep moving forward, but I’ll do it in a way that makes me happy. Oh and if being assholish makes you happy, don’t intentionally hurt anyone else. Its a pretty simple theory.

I had a good conversation with a friend over lunch the other day. Some people grow up, bust their ass every day all day and then go home at night to do it all over again the next day. The predominant thought is once you get to retirement or old age etc, you’ve worked your whole life to enjoy the end of it. You know what I say to that? WTF? Why? By the time I can retire, I’ll be half dead, blind, shitting my pants trying to screw cute nursing home staff in broom closets. Thats not something to aspire to with hard work and a miserable life in the salt mines. I am going to do all that anyway. If I make it that long and get there of course. I say, within reason and good sense, live life now! Enjoy it while you can. You can cross the street tomorrow and get wiped out by an idiot driving a bus, lightning strike, cancer or any number of things. Then what? Its too late. When its time to go and leave this earthly existence, we aren’t taking anything with us. What you got in the end is what you’ve done up to that moment.

Resolve to enjoy your life everyday. Even when it sucks, you have to admit its pretty damn good. I have been fortunate in my life so far to travel this world, see other people and cultures, kill some of them, and come home in one piece to know its pretty nice here. I am going to enjoy it as much as I can every day, not just the last few.

No regrets. Do no harm unless its harm to ensure your own happiness and welfare. If the end is tomorrow or in another fifty years, I know I’ll be able to look my higher power, or god, or unicorn rainbow bunnies in the face and say, “I anted up, played the hand I was dealt and left it all on the table when it was time.” I think thats the best you can wish for in any life.

You accomplish all those things, and you get lucky enough to add the love of family, friends, and a good dog in the mix and you my friend are a king among kings.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas. Shitters Full!

Right now, kids all over the place are getting up giggling and laughing about what santa has brought them. Parents are laying in bed after being up all night wrapping and assembling chinese toys with directions printed by some half idiot moron with pieces missing. In the end memories are made. Might as well make them enjoyable and pleasant, because in twenty or forty years, no matter how the times were for you, someone else will recall exactly how you made them feel today. It doesn’t take much to be ingrained into a small new mind that you were there and did the best you could with a smile, or be a miserable asshole for all eternity. So be a champion dammit.

To friends, family and fellow faithful blog readers, Merry Christmas! I am glad you are here and find something redeeming, funny, educational, or maybe just controversial. I have ideas for next year, and plenty more to come. Its been an interesting six months here at Whats Up Brock and for all you early adopters, I thank and appreciate you.

Go open presents, watch someone smile, eat too much, drink enough, and remember if you’re going to vomit on yourself if you indulge too much holiday cheer, do it while wearing the ugly christmas sweater from Aunt Carol. I want pictures and the first I get wins a gold star from petty cash.

Be safe, enjoy the day, don’t stab anyone, and remember if you love someone tell them. If you don’t love someone you’re forced to be around today, what you say to them may not be important to you and or make you feel better but there are no take-backs when you tell someone to F-off no matter how much you regret it later.

Merry Danny Kaye tapdancing Jesus H. Christ Christmas!

Let ‘er rip, tater chip.

It’s beginning to smell a lot like


Its the day before Christmas Eve. It’s Sunday. It’s 8am EST. I should probably start my Christmas shopping. Didn’t I blog about this nonsense and getting an early start this year? Good intentions pave the way to hell. Well I am not officially late. Late will be if I don’t do anything today and go out shopping tomorrow. If I shop today, technically I could still achieve my resolution to begin early, but honestly why break tradition? I’ll go out tomorrow with my father whom I am certain is in the exact same position I am in. Maybe thats where I get it from? Is procrastination genetic? Is “my low level of give a fucks” passed down from father to son? Am I just some kind of holiday season retail anomaly? Why can’t the month of December take as long to get through as getting into the magical underwear of the hot Mormon girl at prom? Why god? WHY?

I am happy to report I got into the festivities this year. I realized I had in my possession a rather nice Christmas blanket with trees and wreathes and whatnot stitched into it. So I pulled it out and put it over the back of the couch. DING DING Christmas decorating and holiday spirit.

Me and awesome = +1
Broken holiday resolution = 0

DWB_BDCakeYou may remember my small video tribute to my friend Debbie in honor of her wish for a certain themed Magic Mike birthday last weekend. Well for being a good sport through it all (hey who doesn’t love dancing retards special people with boners for their birthday?) I made her a birthday cake.

Its basically a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and to break up the chocolate, some Reese’s peanut butter cup pieces chocolate cake.

I have another good friend that works for M&M Mars, and he’s going to kick me in the balls when he see’s this post and that I besmirched his chocolate empire for supporting Hershey inc. What I go through and do for friends.

DWB_BDCake1Then my arch nemesis in the baking world “Bakerella” tries to sneak attack my birthday cake making plans and below the radar, without consulting me, the self proclaimed master, of baking and cooking amongst our small group of friends and makes the same cake for our mutual friend Debbie.

Damn you Bakeralla! Damn you to H, E, double hockey sticks! I will have my revenge! ;-P

Seriously though, its all good. Its a small testament of how lucky I am to be associated with and have the group of friends that I do. I mean its not everyday a rather masculine man would openly blog about baking birthday cakes and then take such make believe offense of having his baking spotlight stolen from him in the most treacherous of ways. Fella must have some good friends. Yeah, I do. I’m pretty blessed. Except that Bakerella chick, watch your back around that one, she’s like a Martha Stewart with a switchblade knife. LOL

Coffee’s running low, grass needs cutting, and someone needs help moving a couch. No rest for the wicked!

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!