Haters, cheaters and gun controllers are all going to..

So you think that its over

That your love has finally reached the end.

Anytime you call night or day, I’ll be right there for you if you need a friend…

…keep on hating cheating and trying to control our guns. Any guess what this entry is going to be about?

As expected since this past Friday and the horrible events in the Colorado movie theater, every talking head in the media entertainment and political arena has been spouting “WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL”.

The media has played this one just as one would expect a fat chick at an all you can eat buffet.

First, they (media) try and make a connection to the actual movie Batman. Ok nothing there. Violence on TV? Nah thats not sticking. Bad parents? No known issues there either. Shit the kid was highly educated and well thought of, if not a little introverted and a loner. Christ, watching the media trying to assign blame and make sense of this senseless act is like watching…well its like watching…..I don’t know what its like watching, so insert the proverbial synonymous act here of watching something you know that is not going to end in success. I thought about inserting the old retarded kid trying to tell you he/she just shit their pants thing, but this blog is brand new. Lets not wipe all the classy and new car smell off quite yet.

So whats the last thing anyone can grab a hold of?

“Well, well um….who really needs ASSAULT WEAPONS anyway? We have to ban them!”

Insane. People are idiots. I especially love how the pro-gun control preface all their circular logic arguments with “hunting guns like rifles and shotguns are ok and handguns for self defense are acceptable but who needs an assault weapon? They were especially made to kill efficiently.” Ahhh yea heres a little clue morons, every single firearm ever created will kill your ass deader then a goddamn doornail if in the hands of someone intent on doing harm to someone else or in some cases themselves.

If I cant own an assault weapon, tell the stuck up broad she doesn’t need a five carat diamond ring when one carat is acceptable. Tell the mid life crisis douche he doesn’t need the Corvette, the Malibu goes plenty fast enough to kill himself in and it comes in red paint too. Tell everyone in congress who want to ban “Assault” weapons that its not a problem right after they switch their insurance to basic Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO and their pensions are no longer funded and they can contribute 20% pre-tax to some shitty 401K if they want.

Very simply its choices and freedom. Don’t give yours away, and think beyond your own myopic views before trying to take away someone else’s.

Cheating? http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx?news=746037

Really?! Both sexes own this issue equally. The only difference I can see is when it happens to women, they pretty much go off the deep end and swear all examples of the opposite sex are the same. When it happens to guys we pretty much lose it in an initial fit of rage, call you a cunt and then try to screw your sister or best friend. In a week we’re ok.

Girls who have been cheated on will go months and years looking to avoid being cheated on again in new relationships often times to the detriment to the relationship. Guys, well we learn what a cheater looks and acts like, we can smell them from a mile away, but a great set of tits and a nice ass trumps everything. Then when the cheating happens, we’re shocked and use the “cunt” word again, dirty sanchez the sister or BFF and a week later, start the cycle all over again.

…and we wonder why more “intelligent life” from another planet hasn’t visited us yet?

Haters? Well we all know they are going to hate. Be yourselves. Well unless she has a great set of tits a nice ass with five carat diamonds and a Corvette parked outside. Step your game up and keep an eye out for her sister and best friend as you’ll be getting to know them soon too.

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