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Oh. Hello there. Where you been?John

Ok Ok. I know I have been away for a few weeks and I apologize. Work has been a bit hectic with the staff taking vacations and shifts needing to be covered. So there has been that.

I have also been suffering a bit of writers block. Not that I don’t have anything in particular to say or discuss. My block as it were is that I just haven’t felt much like talking. Well thats not true. Much like writing or even more specific much like typing. Nothing wrong really. I am not in any blog funk or anything. I can probably best classify my absence as a bit lazy, a need to observe with a side of my give a shit meter was sucking fumes. Just think about it like all the TV shows are in re-runs there was nothing to watch, football season hadn’t started and I was at the beach looking at the last of the summer boobs tits ass  well you know what I mean.

Now I am back. I’ll at least try a little better then one new post this month. Unless I win lotto. Then all bets are off. Well thats not true either. If I win the lotto I would at least make a post with a picture of me holding the winning ticket and a caption saying something rather dramatic in a fashion you have come to expect of me. “Eat my ass, I am out of here!” or something equally as appropriate and poetic. You know, classy and whatnot.

President Obama sure is sticking his meat in this Syria gas thing as much as he can. I have to wonder though what and or why is Obama so hell bent on making this Syria thing into such a monumental issue. We (United States) have happily stood by and watched other countries gas people and we couldn’t give two shits. Iraq in 1988 ring a bell? Saddam gasses the shit out of his own people and some Iranians. Hell the CIA was at the time giving Saddam intelligence reports on Iranian movements and where to gas the Iranians and the Kurds. That gassing was ok. No tomahawk missile strikes there.

We (United States) only sprayed 20 million tons of chemicals in Vietnam. Anyone remember Agent Orange? Anyone want to take a guess how many vietnamese have been born with feet growing out of their heads or tits from their knee caps since the 60’s and 70’s? If they even survived. Its estimated that more then seven million vietnamese have been affected by the shit we sprayed over there. Not even counting the number of our own guys and girls we screwed up with the crap.

Tear gas is a chemical weapon. Oh its true.

Occupy Wall Street?
Waco Texas?

White Phosphorous is a chemical incendiary. Its a chemical weapon. We (United States) were burning down Iraqi woman and children in Fallujah with it in 2004. All true

When you look back historically the US is really ok with chemical weapons. So I have to ask myself why Mr. Obama has such a hard-on for Syria when they decide to use it against their own people. Then it dawned on me.

Guess what is coming up in October? Obamacare’s implementation of the individual mandate. Starting in October and mandatory compliance beginning on January 1st 2014 if you don’t have healthcare you need to buy some.

What a better way to gloss over and cloud that soon to be epidemic cluster f*&k then get us into a mess with Syria?

You don’t have healthcare you must by January 1st. Guess what? You have to pay out of pocket too and you will not get anything from Uncle Obama until you file your taxes in November 2014. I am just wondering how the millions on food stamps, unemployment, SSI and other government sanctioned welfare that all love Obama will pay for healthcare for a year on their own in order to get a subsidy (which really is only a tax credit) in next years taxes?

Has anyone figured out that individual healthcare that will be sold through the state exchanges will run about $250 – $400 a month for a single person and if you have kids and a deadbeat dad to insure you don’t even want to know how many Big Mac’s Juanita is going to have to flip to cover those costs.

Friends the shit storm is brewing. May want to keep your eye on the prize and not be so gullibly swayed by some nonsense in Syria. If you haven’t called or emailed your elected representatives and told them in no uncertain terms “you vote no on Syria action or your ass is out come next election” then you’re asleep at the switch.

The irony in all this mess is Obama made his entire campaign and career of getting to where he is right now, blaming George W. Bush for going into Iraq on the premise of chemical / mass destruction weapons after 2001 when we learned there were those crazy enough to use them on us. Now Obama wants to grandstand after the fact when the kids and the babies are already dead? For what purpose? They already used the gas, the kids are dead. Old Bush trying to get to the weapons before they were used on someone innocent doesn’t look like that big of dickhead anymore.

Thats it. As the warrior poet Hank Williams Jr. once said. “I can skin a buck and run a trout  line a country boy can survive.”

Let ‘er rip, tater chips.

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