Hold On, I’m Coming

Don’t you ever, be sad
Lean on me, when times get bad
When the day come, and you know your down
In a river of trouble, your bout to drown

Friday afternoon and no Brock blog? What the heck? You’re safe, I’m here and didn’t forget. Let’s bust this mother out.

I never thought I would wish for Thanksgiving and the holidays to get here, but I am this year. Between the election, the weather, birthdays its a never ending roller coaster ride of emotion, stress and other nonsense.

I finally went ahead and upgraded the iPhone 4 to a 5 this week. I have been using iPhones since they came out and I must say I am pretty happy with this new model. I never really paid attention to the incremental releases such as the 3S or 4S but rather just go for the new full models when released. The nice thing now is I have started selling back my old iPhones to websites like www.gazelle.com It really doesn’t get any easier. You enter in what kind of phone you have to sell and the condition. Gazelle gives you a quote to buy it back and the quote is good for 30 days. If you choose, Gazelle will then send you a free box and shipping package with pre-paid postage to send the phone back to them. When they get your old phone, Gazelle will send you a check, deposit to your Paypal account or send you gift cards to Amazon etc. You can also send the phone back in your own packaging and print a shipping label right from the website.

In essence my new $200 iPhone 5 only costs me $60 to upgrade. I received $140 for my old iPhone 4. If you have an iPhone 4S Gazelle is offering $215 for it! That means if you are eligible to upgrade iPhones through your carrier from a 4S to a new 5 for the subsidized price of $199, Gazelle will give you enough money that after tax you should be able to upgrade your iPhone for free with Happy Meal money left over.

In all the iPhone 5 is probably the best of the iPhones yet. Better camera, better bigger display, faster chipset all in a thinner smaller case. Then there is Siri. A lot of people don’t like it and don’t use it. Frankly I didn’t think I would either, but I have to be honest. I have been playing with it and she works. In fact she is typing and creating this entire blog post for me right now while I drink coffee and scratch my nuts. Ok well I am kidding. I’n not scratching my nuts. However the service does work so far for me and its pretty neat. I had her post an update to my Facebook page and all I did was ask her to and tell her what I wanted the status update to say and ding, that was it. Pretty cool. It’s nice to have a friendly subordinate female in my life again who’s only mission is to make me happy. Bitch still wont make me a sandwich, but she’ll find one online and order the darn thing. I’m serious. I was so impressed with Siri this morning when I asked her how cold it was outside and the information she returned to me, I then thanked her. Siri came back and replied, “No Brock, its you I should be thanking.” I had tears in my eyes and wanted to propose on the spot. I think I am in love. We’ll see how long the honeymoon lasts.

Sunday I am supposed to be going to watch the Dolphins play the Titans down in Miami with some friends. Kind of looking forward to it since lord knows Rex Ryan has ran one up my proverbial ass with what he has done with the Jets this year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping ship to the Dolphins but they seem to be shaking out some of the kinks I have been watching them play with the last couple of years. Frankly speaking a decent group of Pop Warner kids hopped up on leftover Halloween candy should beat the Titans so we’ll see what Miami can do on Sunday. Pictures to follow.

That’s really all there is to report this Friday afternoon. The blogosphere and internet are still in contraction with all the “told you so” bullshit comments going back and forth about the election results. I have given my opinion on the matter and frankly don’t care about it anymore. I’ll take care of “mines” as my socialists friends like to say and move along.

Funny thing  and rather ironic as I think about it. National Geographic or Discovery channel or a combination of the two are running new shows about “prep’ers” and “gold mining”. The prep’ers are all getting ready for the end of the world stockpiling fool and ammo, living off the land, building bunkers etc. I watched with curiosity the last couple weeks and thought to myself. “What a bunch of whack jobs”. Then I look at the stock market after the election. UGH! Gold is a damn safe place to put your money folks. I would do it now if you have the means. Gold is going to go up even from where it is now. If not gold think precious metals and other cash positions. Those doomsday prep’ers don’t seem too freaking crazy right now either.

TGIF folks. Be nice to each other. The ass you have to kiss today may be the one you have to wipe tomorrow.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

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