I met a gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis

morecowbell She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.

Well HELLO 2013! I can already tell we need more cowbell around here.

Hope everyone had a nice safe Holidays and new year. Me? It was quiet calm and relaxing. Not a bad way to end the year.

So its a new year and it seems off to a nice bang in Washington. Say what you will about John Boehner but I support anyone telling Harry Reid to “Go fuck himself” outside the oval office, not once, but a loud and clear twice when Reid ask for clarification about what Boehner was talking about. Congress and Senate leadership is in a complete mess in this country at the moment. Any time we can get down to the brass tacks, and tell one of these asshole elitist political scumbags that has made a living taking from the honest and hard work of the citizens of this country, “to go fuck himself” even if it was by one of an other asshole elitist political scumbag, then I am in complete agreement. I cheer on the blunt honesty while saluting the flag and singing the national anthem. The only thing that would make me more excited about politics in this country is if Boehner cold cocked Reid’s old ass right in his suck and floored him into Obama’s office door. I’d happily donate money to  a congressional bail bond fund for assault against each other then any re-election campaign.

In fact I fully support the notion of having congress fist fight in a caged ring to pass legislation. To hell with voting!

Mrs. Feinstein wants to submit and pass a new gun bill? (I call it a gun bill because if you haven’t been paying attention to this bullshit, her bill has nothing to do with assault weapons, as its an all out attack on the 2nd Amendment to tax and then seize or “buy” back all guns period the fucking end….don’t say I didn’t warn you!) Then she gets into ring with another opposing congressional member to fist fight it out untill there is one man or woman standing. She kicks ass she gets her bill, she gets knocked out, no bill, she goes home and has to shut the heck up. I think if you want to make laws to impose on the citizens of this nation (which more times then not makes you money) then you should be willing to stand up and fight for that law with your blood sweat and tears to see it pass.

Extreme? Maybe, but I’ll ask this question in response. Why is it ok for say a young Marine or Army Ranger to go into combat willing to give his or her life for the laws of this country, and the people that make and pass the laws have nothing more to do with the idea then ride on over to capital hill in their limo’s and $1500 suites, while having other people draft the damn lawn for them, and then grandstanding about its passage? Fuck them, they have no skin in the game. Let ’em start taking an ass whipping for their pet project legislation. Then they can have a pay raise, a life long pension, and special healthcare you and I could only fantasize about.

I think thats fair. Or at the very least will cut out a whole heck of a lot of crap going on in Washington. Other then that I don’t feel too strongly on the matter. 😉

In unrelated news….

Someone dropped off a Golden Retriever and an English Bulldog at the shelter. Both males both between 5-7 years old and I’m crushing on both of them. SHIT! I am going to have a house full I know it. I’m going to be like the male equivalent of the crazy cat lady, only I’ll have a pack of damn dogs.

Lucas is already looking at me with the “look”. The don’t you bring no more dogs around here you bastard, this is my home now look.

Ugh, people suck who give up pets. Especially beautiful ones like these. These guys will get homes fast though, even if I don’t intervene in a moment of weakness. So thats some good news.

I’ll close this up for now. I’ll catch you mother scratchers towards the end of he week.

In the words of the Almighty Beastie Boys…….


3 thoughts on “I met a gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis

  1. may add BOOrah to the end of your little speech there! They really do need to pay some kind of price for trying to shove their bullshit down our throats. and I don’t care what anybody says, or how many times they put it in parenthesis by his name (Bay-ner) is not spelled Boehner! Boner is spelled Boehner! They should all have to drop ua’s like all the working folk who support them and the non working folk who support them in ways that dont’ involve money, who are also supported by the working folk. One assclown had the nerve to post a pic of a WWI vet and attempt to put him in the same category as the common worthless jobless bloodsuckers, or maybe the other way around, the blood suckers being in the same category as the vet and throw rocks about supporting the disabled and retired. The shoes of the vet are beyond being worthy of even being licked by the huddled masses out there today. Which, by the way, also don’t want to be drug tested to receive their freebies. I’m tempted to get started ont he VA, (vindictive assholes) but i know i would spin right out of control there. i stay as far away from that place as i can because i am fortunate enough to have other insurance. i’m told it’s just my “perception” that they drink condescending kool aid every morning before work and then more at lunch, and they’re a very dangerous bunch in their own right. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Back in the day the theory was that everybody over 30 should be rounded up and put in camps and exterminated. It took another 30 years for Obamacare to happen, but looks like it will happen, at least the extermination part, because they are already denying life saving surgery for people based on age and worth. There is a target on my back for sure. I did my thing for the military, paid a very high price to be treated like shit by pretty much everybody in the government on a person to person basis. The bennies, however, were nice, and i do appreciate the “idea” of the VA, but like the rest of it, it’s just even more disorganized than i am and that’s pretty scary to me. so i stay away. i occasinally forget and go out there and quickly remember why i dont go. just thought i’d add that. glad i found a place to vent . you let me on here so suck it up buttercup!

  2. just re-read that. wow. and i wasn’t even smoking anything when i wrote that!
    but thanks for the invite back! y’all come ya hear….

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