Gangway Thursday! Coming Through Nothing to See Here

Haven’t made a Thursday post in while so here we go. Another milestone. Go me. Go you. We’re awesome.

What’s new?

Kate is still pregnant, puking and shitting herself.

Rex Ryan is still an idiot and starting Sanchez against Jacksonville. This will certainly put the final nail into the wildcard playoff coffin chances of the year.

Homeless people in New York really are stupid. You give them shoes in the winter, and they trade them for booze the next day. You tell them to go get a job and they push you in front of a subway. Meanwhile every other fire, police, power company, and other tradesmen from around the country are voluntarily helping with the recovery of Hurricane Sandy in NJ/NY while the bums sit and freeze their asses off doing nothing. Go figure.

Syria is loading aerial bombs with the base components of sarin gas. I hope they use it on each other. Not because I want to see people die in the most gruesome way possible, because trust me, it will be gruesome and it will not be pretty. I want to see it happen because its a permanent and lasting solution to a problem that will take care of everything within hours over there. It will be one less headache for Israel and it will consume the Obama administration for at least a year in bullshit politics of shifting blame, making excuses and hiding truth and fact, that Washington wont have time to ruin the economy further. Well for a bit of time anyway. One can hope. HOPE AND CHANGE YO!

I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas shopping this year. That fact that I am thinking about thinking about the shopping shows I am maturing with age. My goal is do something in the way of Christmas presents before the 23rd. We’ll see how all that pans out. My modus operandi is start my shopping on December 24th. By that time Im so ridiculously late that I can’t even be stressed about it anymore and only laugh as I battle my way through the crowds of other ridiculously late procrastinators out on Christmas Eve doing the same exact thing. We’re a small group, a band of brothers if you will. You know us by the smiles on our faces, walking through the Targets and Best Buys with Starbucks cups full of scotch. We all live knowing that all can be made well with our significant others by the mere and simple stop by the mall jewelry store and the purchase of flashy stones and gold metal that will prove us worthy for another year. Merry Christmas!

Thats it. I need coffee.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

High above the mucky muck….

Castles made of clouds.
There sits wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly.
Nothing much to say when your high above the mucky muck. 

Another TGIF. We survived another week of drudgery at the salt mines. Lets see there was a birthday, a Halloween, a hurricane, some early voting and pie. Not a bad week and ultimately very productive.

Monthly jobs report came out this morning. Oppsie! Guess what went up? Mmmm Hmmm. Unemployment from 7.8 to 7.9% The administration is trying to whitewash this fact by claiming the number of jobs that were added but the fact remains those in the market looking for real work hasnt changed and now shows an increase. Good on you Obama! Wait a second. Can you hear that? Listen closely. Hear it? Its the sound of the last nail in your coffin Mr. President. Anyone know what a U-Haul rental costs from Washington to say Chicago?

I voted yesterday and did my part. Now do yours! I have to be honest though. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Mitt wins, but I am preparing for the worst. There are a lot of stupid people in this country, and they vote. In a day and age where we select and elect a President on a bunch of bullshit 30 second mud slinging commercials, it takes half a brain and some personal effort to really dig in and research a candidates position and background. When one party fundamentally caters to the majority of the population that are stupid and do not want to do the work to know their representative and candidate then we end up with what we currently have representing us right now.

Restore my faith in my country! Lets change things and get back to work. Lets show our grandparents and great grandparents that we too have the sack to charge into the breach and face any evil. To work any job and aspire to achieve and move up in life. Hopefully Tuesday night we take back the country, clamp off the arterial flow of cash both internally and externally to those who do not earn the support and we show this world why we are the greatest nation on earth once again. Freedom. Freedom to learn, work, achieve, live, and pray. Pretty simple. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams could once again rest in peace.

The weather in Florida has turned pleasantly nice this year. Wish I could say the same for friends and family in the Northeast. Look at it this way though. You guys have Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi coming to your rescue. LOL.

Ok Seriously. What happened in NY and NJ this week is heartbreaking. The damage is awful in some areas and will take a great amount of time to recover. There is no doubt in my mind however that Americans will rally and give support. We do not need some douche from Washington or capital hill making promises and engaging in photo opportunities to prove that we take care of our own.

Everyone knows I make no bones about being a republican and my disdain for the current administration and the liberal/socialist agenda. I will tell you though, if you want to see a real politician, a true representative of the people by the people, and what politicians should be about then look no further then Cory Booker the mayor of Newark, NJ. That fat fuck Christie and the imbecile Bloomberg couldn’t wash the underwear of Cory Booker.

Don’t know much about Cory Booker? Look him up. Its easy to find him. Cory Booker is on Twitter. In fact he’s on Twitter right this second responding to tweets from concerned people all over the country who can’t get in touch with loved ones in Jersey. Cory Booker has been personally going and checking on the families. Think I am kidding? He has let people whom have lost homes due to Sandy move into his apartment. Yea, no shit! This is a real example to define public service. He’s not endorsing Presidents, he is not in helicopters flying around. Cory Booker is on the ground breaking his ass helping his actual constituents. Action. Not words.

Tuesday I turned another year older and I’m now forty-two. I don’t feel forty-two but the body however is starting to catch up with me. I mean I am staying in reasonable shape (for me) but it seems like it takes an act of congress to recover from say a good street fight, a fall down a flight of steps, 48 hour drunken stupors with a house full of whores. I used to pull this crap off and call it a Thursday. Now, I have to plan a nap and take a multi vitamin to pull this nonsense off. Honeymoon is over. I better settle down and start looking for a wife.

I am going to meet up with some friends this evening and enjoy this awesome weather. First there is laundry, grass cuttin’ and vacuumin’ to get done. Then the nap.

Have a good weekend and be kind to each other. Remember the difference between a good beating and a permanent unsolved disappearance is plausible deniability. ;-P

Let’er rip, tater chip!

Mary, Mary why you buggin’

Mary, Mary I need ya huggin’

Sorry was getting my throwback on with a little Run DMC. Such simpler times those were. Sometimes I really miss them and at others I’m happily contented that they are long gone.

Well its Friday again, there’s a hurricane offshore and the local media is in another full fledged “oh shit” panic attack because of it. To better illustrate the insanity of hurricanes and the local media for all you long distance readers of this blog, right about now all the native Florida “crackers” (non-derogatory term for life long Floridians) are pretty much wishing for another Romney/Obama commercial on TV as compared to another “weather bimbo” screaming about the destructive forces and possible cone of death we may or may not be in the path of. Its absolutely mind numbing to listen to the idiots on tv prognosticate about hurricanes. In the end though I guess its necessary because if theres anything I have learned from simple observation in life its that inherently people are stupid.

By now everyone knows Donald Trump is half a choad and surfs the waves of douchebaggery.  Earlier this week “The Donald” issued an offer to President Obama. The offer was simple, release all college transcripts entrance applications and his application for a passport and in exchange Mr. Trump would within an hour write a check for $5 Million dollars to any charity of President Obama’s choosing. That is 5 million dollars!!  A five and six zeros and two commas to the left of the decimal point for all you playing at home.

We all know Trump loves publicity and is an opportunists at every turn. Trump makes no bones about it. But lets look at this a little deeper and at its most fundamental core.

Who the hell is Barack Obama? Get past all the birther bullshit. (we’ll even disregard for a moment his “long form birth certificate is fake with every single document expert and authority stating as much) Who is the guy? Every single President before him has disclosed every single piece of information that Obama has under lock and key. Why is that?

I dont care that Obama smoked dope and sold coke in college. I don’t care that his grades reflect he’s a moron. We know all this already. My question is simple. Why hide this information from the public? Bush was an idiot and he put his grades out there to prove it. He didnt hide from it.

Obama claims to be transparent and run a transparent administration. Meaning everything is open to public and above board. Why does that train come crashing to a screaming halt whenever the finger is pointed to his past?

Do you folks realize President Obama went to college, post graduate, received a law degree and there isnt even a paragraph of a book report written by this man about a nursery rhyme? Who the hell is he?

Well Brock he wrote a book isn’t that good enough?

I’ll be honest, I read “his” books. I wanted to know who the hell the guy was more then “well Oprah loves him”. If you were like me and read the books then you know they are not his words. Those words belong to Bill Ayers. You might not know him. I’ll help you. He is essentially a homegrown terrorist who was part of the communist group called the Weather Underground in the 1960’s. Ayers and his pals bombed government buildings and police stations in protest of the Vietnam war. Ayers is popular in the corrupt Chicago liberal scene and has written a lot. Take a look at some of his writing and then Obama’s books. Just beware of the lightning during your own personal watershed moment.

When you get past the bullshit of Trump and then all the liberal media labeling him an idiot for making the offer to Obama for his transcripts, there is a fundamental issue at hand here.

Why does Obama jump up and down demanding that Mitt Romney should disclose twenty years of tax returns, but Obama tells Trump to go fuck himself before he releases a simple piece of paper showing his request to attend Occidental, Columbia or Harvard?

Not only does Obama tell Trump to blow himself, Obama tells the very people of this country he claims to represent (middle class, under privileged, poor) to go to hell that essentially any charitable group representing those people in this country or world is NOT worth $5 Million dollars to Obama!

Do you know what $5 Million dollars buys for say Michelle Obama’s fat kid school lunch crap initiative?

This is the easiest and quickest $5 Million dollars this man will ever see in his life. All this for a simple couple of pieces of paper. Obama wont do it. Why? Obama has an opportunity to score a metric ton of cash for some people who could really use that money to make a difference. Obama has a chance to take a metric ton of money from a bonafide jackoff and shut him up for all eternity. Why wouldn’t he do that?

I’ll tell you why. Obama is a fraud. Everything about the mans life is bullshit. You think Bernie Madoff pulled a scam on the people of the world in epic proportions? You haven’t seen anything yet. When it comes to light, what and who Obama really is and has done to this country it will make Madoff look like he only stole a box of Girl Scout thin mints. The fraud Obama has perpetrated to get into office and then what he has done while there will only be surpassed on the shame the people of this nation will share in for putting him in the office in the first place. We all fell asleep at the switch, and for what? Some glimmer of “hope and change” when we were really down on our luck and starring into the abyss?

What did all of our grandfathers and mothers and their parents and the greatest generation that saved the world and this country teach us? We deserve what we do to each other under Obama. We put him in office. What we cant do, is go back to that greatest generation and honor their sacrifices and regain their trust for what we have done.

Obama’s got nothing and has done nothing. I am smart enough to see through his bullshit, and his biased and contextually incorrect “facts”. That doesn’t bother me. All politicians do that. My problem is far more simple. Who is Obama?

I’ll take Mitt this time. Is he showing up on some issues crooked as a dogs hind leg? You bet your ass he is. The difference is he shows up crooked and not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll take that honesty in a scumbag any day.

Yes, “The Donald” may have a bad hairpiece and be a douche. When you get past all that, he cuts to the quick and knows a dirtbag when he sees one. Donald is dead on this time and he has $5 Million reasons in his pocket on why he is 100% correct.

Off the soap box and quick Lucas update:

Does your dog watch TV? Mine does. Well let me rephrase. All my dogs have watched TV.

When my Golden Retriever Lucille was around she really didn’t care about the TV when it was on. That is unless I was watching Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. No matter what if I turned on Cesar and there were dogs running around Lucille would walk up to the TV and very closely watch what the dogs on tv were doing.

Fast forward. Now there is a new dog around since Lucille decided to deprive me of her company.

Lucas doesn’t care much about TV. Same as Lucille. Lucas also doesn’t give a damn about Cesar and his pack of dogs. However Lucas doesn’t like scary movies. Paranormal Activity #3 to be exact.

I was watching Paranormal Activity 3 on Netflix this past week. I have enjoyed these movies in that past. They are silly and go for the cheap scare. Every time the suspense would build and I was getting that feeling of “oh shit something about to happen” Lucas would be staring at the TV growling and barking. It was so strange. There wasnt anything on the screen to catch his attention, but the suspense was building up and sure enough in a second or two…bam. Something scary would happen. Lucas would bark, growl and I’d piss myself.

Little guy has some heart. He was all bowed up ready to roll. I was so proud. The scene in the movie would calm down, so would he. Suspense would build back up, there was Lucas ready to throw down again.

So I can happily report two things. All my dogs have taken notice and actively watched some kind of TV program with great interest. Second, Paranormal Activity 3 is pretty good if you enjoy suspenseful cheap shock factor of these kind of movies.