Test test 1,2,3 is this thing on?

So yea, its like 2/3 of the way through July and I haven’t posted since mid February. Way to stay consistent Brock. Ah well screw it. Nobodies perfect. I always said I wouldn’t post just to post if I didn’t have something to say. Not that I have anything earth shattering to say right now, but I thought it prudent to reach out to you loyal readers and tell you I am fine, all is good and I pooped three times today. I feel like million bucks.


I got one of these with a buddy of mine. There was another but he’s in the freezer now.


I turned these into this for mothers day this year. She was happy. I’m a damn good son.


I am going back next month with a couple of these to fill up again.


I got some of these.


To ride one of these


This one isn’t mine but I borrow him from time to time. I’m going to get my own.


These three are still with me. Stop! Shut up! and Get Down! We keep shit real.


Its almost Football season. Thank Christ!

So there you have it. A small pictorial to catch you up on the happenings these last couple of months. There is more, but for now I’ll close and just assure you I have more posts coming along.

So be nice, be safe, and enjoy your time here.

Semper Fi, and Let ‘er rip tater chips.

Well, I’m glad that’s over.

Max Overdrive Has the whole world gone mad? What the hell is going on out there? It’s like the earth has been caught up in a nearby passing comet’s trail and all the machines humans have gone bat-shit crazy. Only difference is there is no cool AC/DC soundtrack and Emilio Esteves isn’t a short order cook at a truck stop gas station.

Cris Kyle, Navy Seal, and the greatest sniper to come out of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars was killed this weekend by another broken veteran on a gun range in Texas. I can’t help but notice how Obama’s liberal media machine is all over anything to do with gun violence. Its a shame really the media can’t report unbiased and news worthy facts. The facts are simple. Every single day, TWENTY-TWO war veterans commit suicide. Let that sink in and read it again. I’ll help you. Every single day, TWENTY-TWO war veterans commit suicide. The same exact veterans that are getting there medical and healthcare benefits reduced more and more by the very President sitting in the oval office right now.

I wish I had spoke to someone after I got back from the first Gulf War. Instead I just kept my mouth shut, didnt talk much about what I saw, and kept on and carried on. After all hearing my father moan and groan in bed with nightmares from Vietnam as a kid was normal. As I look and think back now, aside from pissing them off with snoring, I have probably scared the shit out of every woman I have ever slept in the same bed with since 1993 with occasional nightmares and waking up in cold sweats. Sorry ladies, where ever you may be now.

Last week this wackjob (another fucked up veteran) jumps on a school bus, blasts the driver and takes a kid hostage into an underground bunker for a week. Thankfully today that all ended with the child safe and the veteran dead.

What could go so bad in your head to make one do that? I can’t say I know or understand, but I will say what some see in battle is some horrendous shit. In my case bad, but not bad in as much as my buddies getting hurt next to me. But in the subsequent Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Beirut, Vietnam, that high intensity close in combat seeing your friends get hurt/killed or injured yourself doesn’t leave your mind. It hasn’t for me and comparatively speaking what I did and saw was a cakewalk.

It’s sad, but more infuriating that mental health aid isn’t more available to veterans. When it is the stigma attached to it is like you’re some kind of pussy is a real issue. The ironic thing is and you can mark my words now, in the near future all kinds of mental health assets and federal funds are going to be made available all over this country to make sure someone who wants to buy a hand gun is suitable to own one. There will be so much bureaucratic bullshit involved with mental health and gun ownership all while the veterans who need the help will not get it and continue on in pain and hell between their ears. Only thing is they probably wont get a gun to kill themselves with, so its back to the pills. booze, highway overpasses.

The Super Bowl was weird this year. The game was great in the second half. Beyonce was good. The commercials? Eh. Was I the only one thinking in my head when they pulled out the Newtown or whatever elementary school choir and thought to myself, WTF? Is it now pretty much accepted that every single national tragedy we go through we must rally up the survivors and somehow make a spectacle of them at championship sporting events? First its Captain Sully. Now the kids who didn’t get blown away. Whats next? Little Ethan who was saved from the bunker in Alabama today, gets to wave the green flag at the Indy 500?

I watched the brand new Netflix series House of Cards this weekend. Thirteen episodes of season one. Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright. About a congressman from South Carolina. It was the best thing I have watched since Sopranos, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, and Walking Dead. Do yourself a favor sign up for Netflix for thirty days free and watch this series. If you like politics, you will love this series. Its brand new, on Netflix only and its absolutely awesome. There is a second season coming out with another thirteen episodes probably towards the end of the year. I can not wait. David Fincher produces and directs some episodes. Its well done. Two thumbs up, five stars, highly recommend. Here is the best part. Netflix put out all the episodes of the entire season at one time. I binged the entire season Friday night and Saturday morning.

I’ll close this for now and hope that all the crazy in the world calms down a little.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

I’m Seeing This Girl and She Might Just Be Out of Her Mind

Well she’s got baggage and it’s all the emotional kind
She talks about closure and that validation bit
I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I really hate that shit

Ugh, Monday. Well, lets get this going and the pain of another work week ahead of us.

Kate is still pregnant, puking and whatnot. However now the circus surrounding this non-event has finally grown some legs the mainstream media can sink their teeth into to keep this going even longer.

It seems a couple radio station DJ’s down in Australia decided to call the hospital where Kate was being treated for puking and shitting herself due to the satan spawn growing within her polluted womb, as a prank. A nurse answers the call from the DJ’s impersonating the Queen enquiring about Kate and the nurse puts the call through to the ward where Kate is being treated blah blah blah. Its all a joke, a radio gag done in every “Shock jock”, morning drive, prize hoopty radio station from one end of the globe to another.

It turns out, the nurse that took the call, and transferred the call to the Duchesses room, toilet, shower, puke bucket, was so distraught from being taken in the gag, she kills herself. Oh yea, dead right there as they say. When I first heard the news she was dead, I immediately thought to myself, “awesome, the palace/hospital is playing a gag, back to the two nitwit DJ’s to make them sweat a bit and feel shitty for the prank.” Right? Honestly no sane person would kill them self over a stupid telephone call. In my mind I am thinking, hey the British royals and or hospital really get how to combat this dumb-shit nonsense. They pretend the nurse kills herself, the DJ’s feel like shit and the tables get turned on the idiots that these kind of radio stunts aren’t funny to begin with.

Only one problem. This dumb broad actually kills herself over this crap. WTF? As you can imagine, the DJ’s and the radio show is shit canned. Now we the innocent people of earth will have to listen to media pontificate how horrible it is to play jokes on people and how the most feeble minded, and insecure of the population must be protected from being the brunt of a freaking joke. One more nail in the coffin of freedom. Get ready, and watch the cockamamie bullshit the media and then our own elected idiots around the world react to these events. These two DJ’s will and already are taking the blame for this, and no one is going to bring up that the nurse was the one with the ultimate problem.

Moving along…

My Jets pull off a win against Jacksonville. Dolphins slip against San Fran. Giants and Saints score about 450 combined total points against each other. However most notably in weekend sports news, Manny Pacquiao, got “knocked the fuck out” by Marquez with a right to the jib in the last seconds of the six round. Not just a KO, but a KO that Manny took a damn nap face first in the “oh shit” of life for about two minutes.

By scorecard and punch stat, Manny was in control of the fight and leading the way. Just goes to show you however as in life, things can turn on a dime and change. If you’re not ready and protecting yourself at all times, you’re taking that ride.

Manny still got paid $20 million dollars, so I don’t feel too terribly bad for him. If this does anything, it will motivate Floyd Mayweather to stop pussyfooting around and agree to a fight with Pacquiao. That is as soon as the “Money Team” runs out of strip club money and Floyd has to start paying back gambling debt.

Thats about it for the weekend. We lost another Seal this weekend saving a Doctor who was kidnapped by the Taliban. As much as the administration would have you believe otherwise, things are still bad over there and Americans are being lost. Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. Its a tough time of year to get a military chaplain and officer at your door to tell you that a son or daughter isn’t coming home. Remember this when you bitch about not being able to find that perfect gift for the present exchange at the office Christmas party.

French Macaroons and Apple Pie is on my mind today. So is Dark Knight Rises on iTunes. So is cutting the grass and laundry and going to the bank and….

I beter get moving and make this day off a productive one.

The Hits Keep Coming

As I sit here this morning and think about this past week I have to wonder to myself, where the hell did the winners go? Mitt Romney please fall in to the line “B” loser express. Allen West please get in behind Romney, and now Miami Dolphins Football go get your ass into the FAIL line too. The carnival ride of “WTF happened” will commence in moments. The Hits Keep Coming.

The Titans came down to Florida yesterday and put a world class ass whooping on the Miami Dolphins. Its a game the Dolphins should have won. Much like Mitt Romney and Allen West there is plenty of misery going around the state this past week.

I went down to the game with some friends yesterday and aside from the beat down Miami took at the hands of Tennessee, it was a good time. Weather was excellent, we ate well and otherwise enjoyed each others company.

I know, you want to know what we ate while getting our tailgate on. Here, take a gander. Steak, potato salad crab stuffed mushrooms and shrimp skewers. There was some beers, chips and dip in there too. Back of a truck in a parking lot, not too shabby, until I took a little walk around. There are some folks there feeding a small army with enough great food to put a 3 star Michelin restaurant to shame.

The cheerleaders were nice to look at. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Probably should have let them suit up and play the Titans now that I think of it. The ladies probably would have done better then a 37-3 final. Oh well, I am not complaining. My NY Jets stunk the place up taking an equally embarrassing beating from the Seahawks with a 28-7 final.

So that pretty much sums up politics and NFL football so far for the month of November. Nothing has gone according to plan.

Luckily I have a great set of friends and family and no matter what we’ll ride these crappy times out looking after each other. As weekends go it wasn’t a bad one. Now if we can get through this Monday we’ll be golden.

Oh wait a second. I almost forgot. I believe I ate the best damn potato salad in my life yesterday. I mean potato salad is potato salad right? Wrong. I have made potato salad a million times, bought potato salad another million times. Potato salad dosn’t usually stand out to me. My friend Talisa made some for the game yesterday. There was bacon in it and I dont know what else but it was good. This is going to definitely affect the rotation on the dinner club meet ups. Thats all I am saying.

Alright thats it. Its Veterans day and I need to exercise my veteranism. I may post the story about when I was in the Marine Corps and during the civil war in Liberia in the early 90’s. I went ashore with the 26 MEU to evacuate the American Embassy in Monrovia.  Manning a machine gun post while watching the natives kill themselves was an adventure.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

Hold On, I’m Coming

Don’t you ever, be sad
Lean on me, when times get bad
When the day come, and you know your down
In a river of trouble, your bout to drown

Friday afternoon and no Brock blog? What the heck? You’re safe, I’m here and didn’t forget. Let’s bust this mother out.

I never thought I would wish for Thanksgiving and the holidays to get here, but I am this year. Between the election, the weather, birthdays its a never ending roller coaster ride of emotion, stress and other nonsense.

I finally went ahead and upgraded the iPhone 4 to a 5 this week. I have been using iPhones since they came out and I must say I am pretty happy with this new model. I never really paid attention to the incremental releases such as the 3S or 4S but rather just go for the new full models when released. The nice thing now is I have started selling back my old iPhones to websites like www.gazelle.com It really doesn’t get any easier. You enter in what kind of phone you have to sell and the condition. Gazelle gives you a quote to buy it back and the quote is good for 30 days. If you choose, Gazelle will then send you a free box and shipping package with pre-paid postage to send the phone back to them. When they get your old phone, Gazelle will send you a check, deposit to your Paypal account or send you gift cards to Amazon etc. You can also send the phone back in your own packaging and print a shipping label right from the website.

In essence my new $200 iPhone 5 only costs me $60 to upgrade. I received $140 for my old iPhone 4. If you have an iPhone 4S Gazelle is offering $215 for it! That means if you are eligible to upgrade iPhones through your carrier from a 4S to a new 5 for the subsidized price of $199, Gazelle will give you enough money that after tax you should be able to upgrade your iPhone for free with Happy Meal money left over.

In all the iPhone 5 is probably the best of the iPhones yet. Better camera, better bigger display, faster chipset all in a thinner smaller case. Then there is Siri. A lot of people don’t like it and don’t use it. Frankly I didn’t think I would either, but I have to be honest. I have been playing with it and she works. In fact she is typing and creating this entire blog post for me right now while I drink coffee and scratch my nuts. Ok well I am kidding. I’n not scratching my nuts. However the service does work so far for me and its pretty neat. I had her post an update to my Facebook page and all I did was ask her to and tell her what I wanted the status update to say and ding, that was it. Pretty cool. It’s nice to have a friendly subordinate female in my life again who’s only mission is to make me happy. Bitch still wont make me a sandwich, but she’ll find one online and order the darn thing. I’m serious. I was so impressed with Siri this morning when I asked her how cold it was outside and the information she returned to me, I then thanked her. Siri came back and replied, “No Brock, its you I should be thanking.” I had tears in my eyes and wanted to propose on the spot. I think I am in love. We’ll see how long the honeymoon lasts.

Sunday I am supposed to be going to watch the Dolphins play the Titans down in Miami with some friends. Kind of looking forward to it since lord knows Rex Ryan has ran one up my proverbial ass with what he has done with the Jets this year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping ship to the Dolphins but they seem to be shaking out some of the kinks I have been watching them play with the last couple of years. Frankly speaking a decent group of Pop Warner kids hopped up on leftover Halloween candy should beat the Titans so we’ll see what Miami can do on Sunday. Pictures to follow.

That’s really all there is to report this Friday afternoon. The blogosphere and internet are still in contraction with all the “told you so” bullshit comments going back and forth about the election results. I have given my opinion on the matter and frankly don’t care about it anymore. I’ll take care of “mines” as my socialists friends like to say and move along.

Funny thing  and rather ironic as I think about it. National Geographic or Discovery channel or a combination of the two are running new shows about “prep’ers” and “gold mining”. The prep’ers are all getting ready for the end of the world stockpiling fool and ammo, living off the land, building bunkers etc. I watched with curiosity the last couple weeks and thought to myself. “What a bunch of whack jobs”. Then I look at the stock market after the election. UGH! Gold is a damn safe place to put your money folks. I would do it now if you have the means. Gold is going to go up even from where it is now. If not gold think precious metals and other cash positions. Those doomsday prep’ers don’t seem too freaking crazy right now either.

TGIF folks. Be nice to each other. The ass you have to kiss today may be the one you have to wipe tomorrow.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

Johnny was a school boy

When he heard his first Beatles song.
Love Me Do, I think it was and from there it didn’t take him long.

Happy Monday gang. Yes I know Mondays are the worst. Watching the weekends go by, I am surprised they go so fast, looking around me, well I made the big time at last. Opps. Still channeling Paul Rogers and Bad Company. Did you know Elton John actually wrote Shooting Star? Bet you didn’t, but you do now.

Did you know Pete Townshend is credited with creating the Marshall Stack? Don’t know what a Marshall Stack is exactly? Been to a real rock and roll concert in your life? See the Marshall amps from floor to ceiling? Yea those. Pete Townshend of The Who requested more amplification from Marshall, who designed special 8X12″ cabinets with 100 watt tube amps. 1959 Marshall Super Lead was born. Townshend used 4 of these setups on stage. Love and loud music can cure your problems, you’re so lucking I am around.

Well, I guess I have get this next part over with sooner or later. I have tried to stall by dazzling you with catchy lyrics and rock and roll trivia long enough.

My New York football Jets took a good old fashioned ass whooping from the Miami Dolphins. They deserved every single bit of it too. No wonder Eva Longoria dumped Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is a retard (yes I said the word “retard” don’t shoot me pro-retard people) and as someone who didn’t and still doesn’t buy into the Tim Tebow hype machine, I am beginning to wish Ryan would start playing him and develop his arm. It would be nice to salvage next season with a capable quarter back and leader on the team, as it is now I think were circling the drain on this season. Division playoffs this year is a stretch.

I will say however the nicest part about watching my Jets lose these last two weeks has been the ass of my waitress at the local joint where my friends and I have been taking in the game. Its your typical NFL Sunday 5000 flat screen every game on tv kind of place. The waitstaff are all beautiful girls with football jerseys and very small short shorts. Our waitress these last two weeks has been the same girl. She has an incredible ass. As I sit here and reflect on its beauty and those awesome short shorts I have realized I may be growing up. Why? Because I just now realized for the last two Sundays in a row, I have taken pictures of the great wings this place makes but not one single “creep shot” of this girls great ass. The honeymoon on my lecherous life is over. I guess I am a big boy now. Alright I admit, she has a nice ass, but the rest of her is great too. She even brought me some birthday ice cream, thank you great ass waitress girl! I imagined eating it off her butt. Guess Im still a pig. Thanks to a great group of friends that put up with my twisted humor and logic too, I am pretty blessed to have a great group of people in my life.

So hurricane Sandy is going to douche out the northeast. I have a few friends and family up that way. I hope they wont be affected to badly. The rest of you humps I sure hope you get power and transportation restored quickly. Just a little FYI from a Florida hurricane veteran. It can take upwards of a month to restore power when a good hurricane comes ashore. This affects everything from gasoline at pumps and food in stores, so be patient. Oh yea, and I hope you bastards got your Obama early vote in too, because I would just be heart broken if you couldn’t vote in the general election on November 6th from lack of power and transportation. See even God and Mother Nature know Obama sucks.

I’ll get this posted up so I can go make some pie. I like pie. I like chocolate and peanut butter pie.

More tomorrow. Hang in folks and be safe if you live in the northeast.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!

So long weekend we hardly knew you.

As I sit here with mixed emotions pondering the weekend, I guess I have to say it was a good one. Well they are always good, just go by too fast which we have discussed previously.

Sunday I awoke to a small “Cool Front” here in sunny Florida. Cool is 77 degrees and humidity below 85 percent. Below 74 degrees and its freezing and I start swearing. It was like 69 degrees at 6:30 am Sunday. I headed for the central heat. Relax. I didn’t turn it on.

I did fire up the oven and make some cinnamon rolls though. I felt rather re-newed and in a fall-ish mood so figured what the hell. Facebooked my intentions for baking, and had some friends over to help me eat the goodness.

I put the recipe over in the recipe section.

Guys if you can change your own oil, fix a flat tire, and replace a burnt out light bulb, you can bake these. Now I know, you’re saying, “why the hell make those when I can buy them in the grocery store and be done in 30 minutes or less”? I’ll tell you why. It’s because these are better. They will always be better, and now listen to me closely. If you make these for say your wife or girlfriend you will score major points. Remember the pancakes and waffles I showed you a few weeks back? Same thing here. A woman will love you long time if you take a turn and cook for her once in a while. Sure you can impress her with some Pillsbury tube rolls from the dairy section. She’ll be so proud of you for making the effort. If you makes these from scratch and put in the little extra effort the rewards will be increased by a factor of say eight or nine. You are moving into well lets just say your moving into Corvettes and Harley Davidson territory and the other private things you only get on your birthdays. Ok maybe not, but it cleans up your “punk card” and puts credit in the bank for later screw up.

Yesterday afternoon I caught some football at a local joint with friends. I ate some wings and watched the Jets loose to the Patriots. I have been a Jets fan for many years but I am about the throw in the towel on Sanchez. I can put up with Rex Ryan’s fat ass.  The Tebow mania doesn’t bother me. That bumbling idiot Sanchez is getting on my nerves. Its understandable if Sanchez doesn’t have the necessary protection on the offensive line, but for Christ’s sake, if he needs to unload the ball 10 yards or less in a hurry he’s like a retarded moron. How can a NFL quarterback fire a ball 30 yards like a bullet but cant get it 10 feet when he’s under rush pressure? Then when the damn fool hangs on to the ball when he is in trouble, he can’t hang on to the thing and hit the ground without it popping into the opponents hands. It was hard to see them loose to New England last night. That should have been a win. Oh well. What are you going to do? Well I know what I would do. I would have Tebow’s ass throwing the ball 1500 times a day until he developed that arm into NFL material then tell him to put his magic Jesus underwear on and start him.

Speaking of Jesus and whatnot, yesterday I learned something. There are churches that have “love offerings” during the service. I also learned that certain people who may or may not attend these churches that have “love offerings” also have rather twisted and foul thoughts regarding certain acts of love. Now I am not purposely trying to be cryptic here because frankly I only got a portion of the conversation. The point is sometimes you hear the strangest things from some of the people whom you’d never expect to hear such things from. I almost blushed, in fact I may have. I cant say for certain if what this person was talking about and the love offerings at this particular church are connected, but I most certainly asked more about the church. I may need to get some of this churching in that my friend seems to be involved in. Im just saying. I’ll report back on this topic as I learn more.

Try and have a good Monday.

Let’er rip tater chip!

She grew up in an Indiana town

I was introduced and we both started groovin’
I said, “I dig you baby, but I got to keep movin’ on”

Another great weekend has come to pass. Naturally it went way too fast as they always do. I can’t bitch though, Felix Baumgartner’s weekend went way faster then mine. About 800+ MPH to be exact.

I have to give the guy credit and respect. Not for actually doing the stunt. Its been done before. Not quite as high, but there is a lot to be said when you are the first to do something like this with 1960’s technology.

What I do have respect for in Baumgartner is that he stuck to his dream of doing this and through all the set backs with law suits and money backer problems he followed through.

You and I can learn to skydive easy enough. Hell the army teaches retards how to do it at Ft Benning every year. (trust me I have met lots of them they are in fact retards. Marines! First to fight! Semper Fi!) Jumping out of planes and skydiving is not overly complicated. Doing it from the edge of space however and you’re more relying on your technical equipment to keep you alive. I am glad Felix got someone better then Walmart or Old Navy to build his suit and balloon.

In the end I think the biggest hurdle is conquering your own fears. In that regard Felix is an damn good example of what we can do and overcome.


The Jets move one into the “W” column this weekend as did Miami. Not bad, however it was a pleasure to watch Seattle break one off in New England’s ass. I love the Jets and always have, even in the lost years, but this abortion with Sanchez and Tebow is just not sitting right with me. Some kind of parity needs to be reached here and I have a suspicion that Sanchez isn’t long for the ride.


Walking Dead season three started last night. I know I am not the only one excited and or watching this series. What did you guys think? I thought the season was a little slow last year, but this year the new season started off great. Lots of zombie killing and the best part was hacking off Hershel’s leg with the axe. Thats primo TV if you ask me.

Comic Book Men also started its new season last night. If you’re not familiar with Comic Book Men its also on AMC. It revolves around Kevin Smith’s comic book store in Red Bank NJ, that some close friends of his run and manage. Its almost like Pawn Stars but with comic books and related nerd type toys. Its an excellent show and if you’ve ever listened to any of Kevin Smiths podcasts from his SMODCAST network then you will immediately recognize a lot of the characters on this show.


I know the question that is burning in everyones head. Did this jackass pressure clean the driveway? No. I was much too nice out. Theres always today though. Right after I mow the grass and start some laundry, because I didn’t do any of that crap either. Yes folks I pretty much took a knee this weekend. After work today, Monday has a beating waiting for me thats is for certain. No problem I can do it. Hey some douche just skydived from space in a  set of under-roos and a Star Trek walkie talkie. I can do anything damn it!!

Something just occurred to me.


We just put a man, and his equipment into the stratosphere (22+miles) with nothing but a helium balloon. Why the hell did NASA go broke building and maintaining those junk shuttles for 30+ years?

Build a couple of shuttles. Conventionally put them in low earth orbit which is accepted to be about 99 miles in altitude, then leave them there on auto-pilot. Put a few gas tanks in orbit too. Why send astronauts in and out of space with a rocket from the ground each time? Just send the astronauts up in lawn chairs and helium balloons  3/4 of the way and the rest of the way with a small jet pack to the shuttle waiting for them.

When the mission is over, they park the shuttle in its maintenance orbit, clean the toilets, pump out the shitter tanks, put a new crown air freshener on the dashboard and parachute back to earth.

The only thing limiting the lifting altitude of a helium ballon is the ability of the balloon material to expand without popping. NASA made velcro, can they not create material for a super balloon?

Our atmosphere is made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Scientists already know Helium in its natural state occupies the top level of the atmosphere. All we would need to solve is the problem of material expansion of the balloon as it gets higher and higher. Even if the balloon only took the astronaut 2/3 or 3/4 of the way to the waiting shuttle or space capsule its got to be cheaper and easier to send just the people in and out of space rather then all the equipment every single time.

Look at this! Some Youtube, a pen, some napkins and a few beers and I just solved all of NASA’s space exploration issues in one weekend while scratching my ass and BBQ’s some hamburgers on my Big Green Egg. What the hell are we paying all those people with great big brains to do?

Enjoy your Monday as best you can. I have got to catch up on what I pissed off on this weekend. 😉


A Thirsty Thursday, What No Bacon?!

Buttermilk pancakes for dinner? Sure why not.

Wait I got no bacon. Oh crap!

This week theres been some reporting in the news that there may be a bacon shortage next year. I know, take a breath, there you go, in…out….in…out. Calm now? I panicked too when I first heard the reports. Lets face it, a world without bacon just isn’t worth living. Think about it for a moment. Lines at the grocery store. Bacon rationing. Underground bacon black markets. People rioting around Waffle Houses and Ihops for bacon. Bacon pandemonium. Perpetual darkness. Hail and brimstone! Without bacon there is no life!

Turns out the reports may be exaggerated a bit. Seems to revolve around the drought we had this year and the corn supply. See pigs eat corn. Corn costs money. Less corn, for more money and the pigs are thin or not being replaced/bred to the same numbers. Since bacon is a commodity its still very much an issue of supply and demand. Experts say the supply wont be effected that much but the prices will be going up (like everything else) but there will be bacon. Thank Jesus H. tap dancing Christ!

In other news:

The NFL’s normal union referees have reached an agreement with the NFL for the next four years. In a way I am glad. This takes away any chance of abortion like we saw this past week with Green Bay and Seattle.

On the other hand, generally speaking I am not pro union in most all but a very few cases. Don’t get me wrong. I see the need for the unions. I understand their past and how they came to be. However, in many years all the unions have done is become the same greedy behemoth monsters they supposedly set out to protect the workers from in the first place. Unions do not protect shit anymore. If you have a skill and worth, you should be able to enter any market and get paid fairly for it. As an industry if you need specific labor you should be able to pull from the market any level of skill and pay honestly for it at will.

So I think its officially fall. Here in Florida we have two seasons, hot and wet. Anyway, I remember fall from my childhood living in the north. I miss fall. Fall is candy corn. My grandmother always and if I had to bet even right this very second has a little crystal glass dish on a hutch in her dinning room full of candy corn. Granted the candy corn is probably thirteen years old right now (her memory is starting to go) but I bet there is some there.

Speaking of candy corn. I want!

You know I just realized, between these special candy corn Oreos and the Oreo cake earlier this month I am becoming a regular shill for Oreos. Screw it, I like them.