Mad Men is nice but Christina Hendricks is one hot piece of ass.

joanSo I have been watching Mad Men again this season. It’s been on AMC for a few years now and if you been under a rock, its essentially about a Madison Avenue advertising agency set in the 1960’s.

The first couple of years were great, then for a couple of years the writing sucked (IMHO) and now its getting back to good.

Its pretty much been the number one show for the last five years or so and if you haven’t checked it out get your Netflix on and settle in for some binge TV.

Christina Hendricks plays the roll of Joan Harris. She is head of the secretary pool and pretty much the glue of the agency. She also bangs Roger, one of the partners and is mother to his bastard child. Don Draper may be a smooth operator, steel and sex appeal, but Joan Harris just down right rocks my world. She is a bad bitch. They just don’t make women like that anymore. I watch this show and wish and dream that I lived and was of age during this era. I would have been bigger then pop top beer cans. I could have ruled the world with my very own Joan Harris.

Really what happened to the work place? The one where I could light up a smoke in my office, pour a scotch and smack a secretary on the ass and tell her “Good job sweetheart, now copy that letter to the partners, buy my wife a valentines day scarf, and bring me another scotch.”

I think it was the Xerox copiers, computers, internet, and probably some scumbag lawyers. Life was so much simpler with short hand, IBM Selectric typewriters, mimeograph machines, Camel unfiltered cigarettes and good scotch.

We NEEDED women for those things. Rotary dial phones and a switchboard, women. Dictation, women. Supply closet inventory, women. Opening the mail, women. Getting me another scotch, women.

Is it any wonder in the 1960’s when business operated this way with vital business roles fulfilled by women, (with great tits and ass) at the direction of incredibly smart and business savvy men, we were a nation of greatness? We went to the moon. Chevy Camaros and Corvettes had 400 horsepower and the Detroit auto industry was booming. Swanson made a fried chicken TV dinner you could actually eat. The little chocolate brownie cake was GOOD! Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Moose didnt give two shits about your kid losing at picture pages. Winners went home and fucked the prom queen, losers who cried got a ton of ping pong balls dropped on their heads in shame. We were a country of look good, work hard rise to the top, or screw up, have a case of body oder and eat your boogers then get picked last for the kickball team.

Why? Because beautiful women, who were smart, knew their place, and kept their mouths shut, let us men think we were in charge, placated our tender egos and organized our shit. Beautiful women made us look good and we succeeded on their hard work and went out and conquered more. They brought us scotch.

Now look at us. I have to type my own shit! I can’t even inappropriately look at the secretaries ass much less give it a good pat and compliment her on her appearance without a trip to human resources with corporate counsel present.

Is it any wonder our economy is in the toilet? We don’t produce shit anymore. We’re a country of whiners and we reward mediocracy. We don’t want to offend the losers by elevating the winners. Everyones equal. I have to get my own goddamn scotch!

We’re going backwards my friends.

Having Trouble With My Direction

MyrtleManorUpside-down, psychotic reaction. -The Cult

Another Monday passed us and another week ahead.

I think I have found my dream calling. I may finally have seen the “tap dancing Jesus H. Christ” light. I know what I want to be when I grow up.

I want to be a trailer park landlord. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Not a fancy new trailer park with new modular homes. I am talking single wides on wheels. Maybe a couple half assed run down Air Stream silver bullets and other tear drop like gypsy wagons. As Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch called ’em “Caravans” periwinkle blue ones even. A couple pink flamingos, and other Kitschy ornaments and I am all set.

See I always said, I was going to retire into a nice motor home and spend my last years traveling the country and tramp around. I am talking a nice diesel pusher with pop outs and full amenities. I would sell everything I had, cash out and hit the road. What better way to retire? I am not paying taxes, moving around the country in my RV and Harley. North in the summer, south in the winter. Im not stuck banging a bunch old lonely women in nursing homes with Viagra and STDs. I’m out in the world free. RV campsite to campsite. Meeting fellow travelers living on the road. Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Alaska, Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park.

Then I started watching Welcome to Myrtle Manor on the TLC channel. It’s about a trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Its everything I dream about in an old tourist trap RV/Trailer park in a vacation spot. Low rent, baby momma drama, pink flamingos, Kitsch, Art Deco and Bungalow styles all mixed in to one.

Its so tacky but at the same time fun in a highly manipulative way. I could thrive and take over in there like Lex Luther at a sheriff’s youth ranch for first time offenders. I could be the KING OF RANCHO CUCAMONGA! I am the only one paying CASH!

Look at this list of characters:

  • A couple of sluts selling hotdogs on the beach for rent money.
  • A slut and a night club promoter who are fighting jealousy issues.
  • A token trailer park security guard with an IQ of about 68
  • A drunk mother of the night club promoter son above
  • A drifter maintenance kid who cant change a light bulb
  • A gay man and rather ugly woman running a beauty salon / hair dressers trailer for the tenants.
  • A Park Manager who’s father put her in charge of the trailer park trying to get the back rent from deadbeats.

I can’t stop watching! Its worse then a bad car accident with blood and guts all over the road. I have to look and see. Whats really bad? I have fantasies of running and living in a place just like this. How I would be making money hand over fist, a dozen sexual harassment lawsuits, more kids with different mothers to make that kooky Duggar family with 50 kids and a clown car vagina look like the Walton’s.

I cant get enough of it. There are above ground pools, putt putt golf, tattoos, dyed hair and fake boobs in bikinis. Its like some TV producer looked inside my head and opened up the twisted scumbag file and made a tv show about it.

I am transfixed. I am baffled. I am like a small retarded kid looking at all the blinking Christmas lights before shitting myself. You know that moment in your life when something clicks in your mind and everything makes sense. Happiness rolls through your body, and your mind is telling you what words to put together and scream at the top of your lungs and all that comes out is rather out of character killing a cat sounding screams and spitting and even though you hear it and your mind goes “what the fuck was that noise you just made” but you don’t care and continue on. Yea thats me. Well sort of. Ok not really. Well a little bit. Sorry. Not sorry.

I love this shit.

Let ‘er rip, tater chips!

I hate you Discovery Channel, or how I bought Amish noodles and made moonshine.

MoonshineI occasionally stop at a local farmers market for fruits and vegetables. Last week, when I stopped in, the proprietors were selling Amish noodles. Basically it looked like wide-ish egg noodle, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t made with eggs. Ingredients listed flour and some other things and that it was from Indiana was about all I could discern. Anyway it looked interesting so I bought a bag. “Its Amish” I thought to myself. How bad can it be? The Amish are a simple people who basically renounce all modern day amenities like electricity and pretty much every other convenience. Humble is the way to the lord and whatnot.

I know what you’re thinking. Brock, what the hell does Amish noodles the Discovery channel and moonshine have in common? I’m getting to it, you impatient hooligans!

Back to my Amish noodles. I get home, make the noodles. I had some leftover pot roast, so on the fly I made some thrown together beef stroganoff. Or as I was in a rather faded and X-rated mood, called it my special beef strokin’ off. Don’t ask me why I called it that. I assure you it had nothing to do with anything with what it sounded like and turned out rather good. I was more just slipping in and out of my fantasy of being a world renowned pornographer turned cook book author, but I digress. The noodles were good, the beef strokin’ off was good, and as I have a tendency to do, I thought about lost love because the noodles came from fucking indiana. I hate my mind. Not the porn fantasy part, the old girlfriend parts.

Ok Ok the damn point.

Discovery Channel has a new series called Amish Mafia. The premiss of the show, is that in and around one of the largest Amish communities in the country, Lancaster Pennsylvania, is this semi-rogue group of Amish, or pretend to be Amish who have assembled their own little Mob/gang/mafia group of Amish thugs. They have cars, cell phones, guns etc. According to the shows footnotes this group of Amish thugs are not generally acknowledged by the true Amish as legitimate, but they kind of just look the other way. They are basically claiming to be the Amish muscle for settling disputes, charging the Amish businesses protection fees etc. Its so ridiculous because the “Tony Soprano” ring leader of this group is the worlds biggest douche bag you can imagine. His name is Levi and he is essentially a dumb assed roofing contractor who essentially saw an opportunity to be a douche bag in the middle of Amish country Pennsylvania. I give him credit for carving out a special and unique niche business where there was none.

What does the Amish mafia do? Well according to the show and what I briefly described above, Levi and his group of Amish losers, cater to all the normal Amish kids who don’t get to experience much of the modern world. They throw house parties, with x-box, Maytag washers and dryers, iPods, and I think I even saw, heaven help the Amish, a can of  Red Bull and a bong.

Amish kids as I understand it, reach a certain age in their teens, and basically get a year, to go out into the world and fuck off with the full blessing of the Amish elders. Its called something like Rump Shaker or rum shaka, boom shaka. I really have no damn clue and too lazy to Google Fu that shit. One of you teachers pets please hit it up and leave extra credit – take a star from petty cash, comment below for the rest of the class.

So they throw house parties for the kids, extort protection money from the legitimate Amish store and shop owners, backyard illegal MMA fights and gambling. Run off any fake Amish furniture makers and interlopers.

Its crazy. I think its half bullshit and fake, and I hate Discovery Channel because those bastards got me hooked on some cockamamie show. Again.

Yea, they got me with the Moonshiners show too. Now this show I know is bullshit. Bullshit in the way, that while making moonshine exists and is illegal, what and whom they are filming is completely fake and scripted. Technically Discovery Channel cant send camera men and production out and actively commit crime then sell the video of it on TV and make money with it. I am not that stupid.

So, I watch the show, because of a few reasons, but mostly because it looks damn easy to make moonshine. I love knowledge too. I also like backwoods old coots named Mr. Jim Tom. He’s a main character on the show without any teeth. Mr. Jim Tom is like the next old moonshine maker behind one of the greats Popcorn Sutton.

Anyway, this show once you get past all the silly scripted pretend sneaking around, the making of the moonshine is pretty well documented and easy to follow. Its also mildly interesting. Hey, I’m not watching The Voice, or Dancing with the Retards, and by gosh who couldn’t use the skills to make ones very own distilled spirits? Still I have to damn the Discovery Channel for the fake drama and other nonsense, they got me hooked here too. Bastards.

Mary, Mary why you buggin’

Mary, Mary I need ya huggin’

Sorry was getting my throwback on with a little Run DMC. Such simpler times those were. Sometimes I really miss them and at others I’m happily contented that they are long gone.

Well its Friday again, there’s a hurricane offshore and the local media is in another full fledged “oh shit” panic attack because of it. To better illustrate the insanity of hurricanes and the local media for all you long distance readers of this blog, right about now all the native Florida “crackers” (non-derogatory term for life long Floridians) are pretty much wishing for another Romney/Obama commercial on TV as compared to another “weather bimbo” screaming about the destructive forces and possible cone of death we may or may not be in the path of. Its absolutely mind numbing to listen to the idiots on tv prognosticate about hurricanes. In the end though I guess its necessary because if theres anything I have learned from simple observation in life its that inherently people are stupid.

By now everyone knows Donald Trump is half a choad and surfs the waves of douchebaggery.  Earlier this week “The Donald” issued an offer to President Obama. The offer was simple, release all college transcripts entrance applications and his application for a passport and in exchange Mr. Trump would within an hour write a check for $5 Million dollars to any charity of President Obama’s choosing. That is 5 million dollars!!  A five and six zeros and two commas to the left of the decimal point for all you playing at home.

We all know Trump loves publicity and is an opportunists at every turn. Trump makes no bones about it. But lets look at this a little deeper and at its most fundamental core.

Who the hell is Barack Obama? Get past all the birther bullshit. (we’ll even disregard for a moment his “long form birth certificate is fake with every single document expert and authority stating as much) Who is the guy? Every single President before him has disclosed every single piece of information that Obama has under lock and key. Why is that?

I dont care that Obama smoked dope and sold coke in college. I don’t care that his grades reflect he’s a moron. We know all this already. My question is simple. Why hide this information from the public? Bush was an idiot and he put his grades out there to prove it. He didnt hide from it.

Obama claims to be transparent and run a transparent administration. Meaning everything is open to public and above board. Why does that train come crashing to a screaming halt whenever the finger is pointed to his past?

Do you folks realize President Obama went to college, post graduate, received a law degree and there isnt even a paragraph of a book report written by this man about a nursery rhyme? Who the hell is he?

Well Brock he wrote a book isn’t that good enough?

I’ll be honest, I read “his” books. I wanted to know who the hell the guy was more then “well Oprah loves him”. If you were like me and read the books then you know they are not his words. Those words belong to Bill Ayers. You might not know him. I’ll help you. He is essentially a homegrown terrorist who was part of the communist group called the Weather Underground in the 1960’s. Ayers and his pals bombed government buildings and police stations in protest of the Vietnam war. Ayers is popular in the corrupt Chicago liberal scene and has written a lot. Take a look at some of his writing and then Obama’s books. Just beware of the lightning during your own personal watershed moment.

When you get past the bullshit of Trump and then all the liberal media labeling him an idiot for making the offer to Obama for his transcripts, there is a fundamental issue at hand here.

Why does Obama jump up and down demanding that Mitt Romney should disclose twenty years of tax returns, but Obama tells Trump to go fuck himself before he releases a simple piece of paper showing his request to attend Occidental, Columbia or Harvard?

Not only does Obama tell Trump to blow himself, Obama tells the very people of this country he claims to represent (middle class, under privileged, poor) to go to hell that essentially any charitable group representing those people in this country or world is NOT worth $5 Million dollars to Obama!

Do you know what $5 Million dollars buys for say Michelle Obama’s fat kid school lunch crap initiative?

This is the easiest and quickest $5 Million dollars this man will ever see in his life. All this for a simple couple of pieces of paper. Obama wont do it. Why? Obama has an opportunity to score a metric ton of cash for some people who could really use that money to make a difference. Obama has a chance to take a metric ton of money from a bonafide jackoff and shut him up for all eternity. Why wouldn’t he do that?

I’ll tell you why. Obama is a fraud. Everything about the mans life is bullshit. You think Bernie Madoff pulled a scam on the people of the world in epic proportions? You haven’t seen anything yet. When it comes to light, what and who Obama really is and has done to this country it will make Madoff look like he only stole a box of Girl Scout thin mints. The fraud Obama has perpetrated to get into office and then what he has done while there will only be surpassed on the shame the people of this nation will share in for putting him in the office in the first place. We all fell asleep at the switch, and for what? Some glimmer of “hope and change” when we were really down on our luck and starring into the abyss?

What did all of our grandfathers and mothers and their parents and the greatest generation that saved the world and this country teach us? We deserve what we do to each other under Obama. We put him in office. What we cant do, is go back to that greatest generation and honor their sacrifices and regain their trust for what we have done.

Obama’s got nothing and has done nothing. I am smart enough to see through his bullshit, and his biased and contextually incorrect “facts”. That doesn’t bother me. All politicians do that. My problem is far more simple. Who is Obama?

I’ll take Mitt this time. Is he showing up on some issues crooked as a dogs hind leg? You bet your ass he is. The difference is he shows up crooked and not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll take that honesty in a scumbag any day.

Yes, “The Donald” may have a bad hairpiece and be a douche. When you get past all that, he cuts to the quick and knows a dirtbag when he sees one. Donald is dead on this time and he has $5 Million reasons in his pocket on why he is 100% correct.

Off the soap box and quick Lucas update:

Does your dog watch TV? Mine does. Well let me rephrase. All my dogs have watched TV.

When my Golden Retriever Lucille was around she really didn’t care about the TV when it was on. That is unless I was watching Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. No matter what if I turned on Cesar and there were dogs running around Lucille would walk up to the TV and very closely watch what the dogs on tv were doing.

Fast forward. Now there is a new dog around since Lucille decided to deprive me of her company.

Lucas doesn’t care much about TV. Same as Lucille. Lucas also doesn’t give a damn about Cesar and his pack of dogs. However Lucas doesn’t like scary movies. Paranormal Activity #3 to be exact.

I was watching Paranormal Activity 3 on Netflix this past week. I have enjoyed these movies in that past. They are silly and go for the cheap scare. Every time the suspense would build and I was getting that feeling of “oh shit something about to happen” Lucas would be staring at the TV growling and barking. It was so strange. There wasnt anything on the screen to catch his attention, but the suspense was building up and sure enough in a second or two…bam. Something scary would happen. Lucas would bark, growl and I’d piss myself.

Little guy has some heart. He was all bowed up ready to roll. I was so proud. The scene in the movie would calm down, so would he. Suspense would build back up, there was Lucas ready to throw down again.

So I can happily report two things. All my dogs have taken notice and actively watched some kind of TV program with great interest. Second, Paranormal Activity 3 is pretty good if you enjoy suspenseful cheap shock factor of these kind of movies.


Dilemma of civic responsibility.

The second of the three presidential debates is on tonight in less than an hour. Did Mit or Barack know that tonight is Sons of Anarchy night? Furthermore AMC is also running a Kevin Smith hosted Friday the 13th marathon on AMC all week. Its Halloween scary movie time.

What the MotherF?!

This is exactly the lack of leadership I have been bitching about in this country. You don’t schedule a debate in the middle of primo tv time at night when most of us have been working all day. You do that shit in the middle of day when we’re all screwing off at work on the internet.

I have a DVR and I can easily accommodate all three viewing options, but damn it, I shouldn’t have to.

Is it not bad enough that over the last few months every single commercial on TV is Obama bullshitting about what Romney is going to take away or lying about now, and that his awesome non existent plan for anything other then piss away more money and sink us further in debt is somehow the only reasonable solution? When is enough, enough?

Well damn it, they can take away more of my money. They can piss away my taxes on more green energy companies that go out of business seven months later, but they are not going to take away my Sons of Anarchy or Jason Voorhees hacking off arms and heads around Camp Crystal Lake any more. They can have some douche ask them in a town hall meeting about their favorite Pizza Hut pizza, but they will never take OUR TV FREEDOM!

This is Bush league psyche-out shit. Laughable, man – ha ha! Presidential debate, I would have fucked you in the ass Saturday. I fuck you in the ass next Monday instead. Wooo! You got a date Monday, baby!

Guess I better check all my DVR settings and make another white russian.

This agression wont stand man.

The Dude most certainly does not, abide!

She grew up in an Indiana town

I was introduced and we both started groovin’
I said, “I dig you baby, but I got to keep movin’ on”

Another great weekend has come to pass. Naturally it went way too fast as they always do. I can’t bitch though, Felix Baumgartner’s weekend went way faster then mine. About 800+ MPH to be exact.

I have to give the guy credit and respect. Not for actually doing the stunt. Its been done before. Not quite as high, but there is a lot to be said when you are the first to do something like this with 1960’s technology.

What I do have respect for in Baumgartner is that he stuck to his dream of doing this and through all the set backs with law suits and money backer problems he followed through.

You and I can learn to skydive easy enough. Hell the army teaches retards how to do it at Ft Benning every year. (trust me I have met lots of them they are in fact retards. Marines! First to fight! Semper Fi!) Jumping out of planes and skydiving is not overly complicated. Doing it from the edge of space however and you’re more relying on your technical equipment to keep you alive. I am glad Felix got someone better then Walmart or Old Navy to build his suit and balloon.

In the end I think the biggest hurdle is conquering your own fears. In that regard Felix is an damn good example of what we can do and overcome.


The Jets move one into the “W” column this weekend as did Miami. Not bad, however it was a pleasure to watch Seattle break one off in New England’s ass. I love the Jets and always have, even in the lost years, but this abortion with Sanchez and Tebow is just not sitting right with me. Some kind of parity needs to be reached here and I have a suspicion that Sanchez isn’t long for the ride.


Walking Dead season three started last night. I know I am not the only one excited and or watching this series. What did you guys think? I thought the season was a little slow last year, but this year the new season started off great. Lots of zombie killing and the best part was hacking off Hershel’s leg with the axe. Thats primo TV if you ask me.

Comic Book Men also started its new season last night. If you’re not familiar with Comic Book Men its also on AMC. It revolves around Kevin Smith’s comic book store in Red Bank NJ, that some close friends of his run and manage. Its almost like Pawn Stars but with comic books and related nerd type toys. Its an excellent show and if you’ve ever listened to any of Kevin Smiths podcasts from his SMODCAST network then you will immediately recognize a lot of the characters on this show.


I know the question that is burning in everyones head. Did this jackass pressure clean the driveway? No. I was much too nice out. Theres always today though. Right after I mow the grass and start some laundry, because I didn’t do any of that crap either. Yes folks I pretty much took a knee this weekend. After work today, Monday has a beating waiting for me thats is for certain. No problem I can do it. Hey some douche just skydived from space in a  set of under-roos and a Star Trek walkie talkie. I can do anything damn it!!

Something just occurred to me.


We just put a man, and his equipment into the stratosphere (22+miles) with nothing but a helium balloon. Why the hell did NASA go broke building and maintaining those junk shuttles for 30+ years?

Build a couple of shuttles. Conventionally put them in low earth orbit which is accepted to be about 99 miles in altitude, then leave them there on auto-pilot. Put a few gas tanks in orbit too. Why send astronauts in and out of space with a rocket from the ground each time? Just send the astronauts up in lawn chairs and helium balloons  3/4 of the way and the rest of the way with a small jet pack to the shuttle waiting for them.

When the mission is over, they park the shuttle in its maintenance orbit, clean the toilets, pump out the shitter tanks, put a new crown air freshener on the dashboard and parachute back to earth.

The only thing limiting the lifting altitude of a helium ballon is the ability of the balloon material to expand without popping. NASA made velcro, can they not create material for a super balloon?

Our atmosphere is made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Scientists already know Helium in its natural state occupies the top level of the atmosphere. All we would need to solve is the problem of material expansion of the balloon as it gets higher and higher. Even if the balloon only took the astronaut 2/3 or 3/4 of the way to the waiting shuttle or space capsule its got to be cheaper and easier to send just the people in and out of space rather then all the equipment every single time.

Look at this! Some Youtube, a pen, some napkins and a few beers and I just solved all of NASA’s space exploration issues in one weekend while scratching my ass and BBQ’s some hamburgers on my Big Green Egg. What the hell are we paying all those people with great big brains to do?

Enjoy your Monday as best you can. I have got to catch up on what I pissed off on this weekend. 😉


You don’t have to play

You can follow or lead the way. 
 I want you to join together with the band,
We don’t know where we’re going,
But the season’s right for knowing,
I want you to join together with the band.

It’s humpday Wednesday again. I find myself wondering when will this awfully slow week end? Time just seems to be dragging along this week. This nonsense doesn’t happen between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

Tomorrow is the vice presidential debate. I am eagerly waiting to see how Paul Ryan handles himself. My personal opinion is that a fifth grader should be able to intellectually checkmate Mr. Biden, but I am not assuming anything in this election. Paul Ryan is a smart man and he should decisively put the old fool away. Fingers are crossed.

Oh yeah, this just in. Don’t eat cockroaches for something so ridiculous as a free pet snake. Eating cockroaches generally isn’t harmful but being a dumb ass is proving to be lethal. A pet snake? Really? Ah NO.  A new Harley? Sure. A date with Jenny McCarthy and a bottle of Rohypnol? You betcha! Not a free pet snake.

Does anyone out there watch the seminal cable show on FX, Sons of Anarchy? In the last two weeks its beat everything on TV ratings wise. Kurt Sutter is the creator and writer. Its about a fictional motorcycle club. If you have not watched this program I suggest you get your Netflix fired up to catch the first three seasons, and by the time you are done with that you can catch the forth season playing now. Or is this currently the fifth season on TV now?  Hell I don’t know, but the show is 110% awesome. You don’t have to be a biker, like motorcycles, or Honey Boo Boo to like this show. The writing is perfection. I wont give any spoilers here. Watch it and come back with a two page written report for next weeks homework. Ok kidding about that last part. I was just testing out my school teacher voice.

Bananas are an awesome food. Potassium is good for your brain and the rest of your body. I like to eat bananas. Not when I am on the boat fishing. That shit is bad luck. All other times though bananas are fabulous. I especially like when I forget to eat bananas and they turn all brown and black. I turn that into banana bread. I have some in the oven right now.

Kelly Ripa made some flippant stereotype comment on her talk show yesterday about gangster dogs are probably some sort of mean Pit Bull type dogs. The internet is in an uproar about it and frankly I don’t blame it. Pit Bulls get a tremendously bad rap and its mostly by a very minority few people who know absolutely nothing about dogs at all. I’ve had in some way or other pit bulls all my life. My mother who will jump out of a moving car on the New Jersey Parkway if a bee flies into the window, has had Pit Bulls for years. Most of my close friends have one or more, and I happen to work with anywhere from a bakers dozen of them every week. In the care of knowledgeable, and loving people these dogs are probably one of the best breeds on the planet. The bad reputation these dogs have gotten over the years is in my opinion been a direct result of the people whom have owned the dogs.

Dogs are a lot like guns. There are toys that shoot caps and go bang that children can play with, and there are .50 Cal riffles that will bring down jumbo jets. Both guns in the proper hands and respected are safe and can be happily owned. If you give one of these guns to an idiot, even the toy cap gun can hurt somebody. Pit Bulls are much the same way, except the Pit Bull by its natural build is more towards the .50 Cal riffle then the toy cap gun in my above analogy. In abusive hands a Pit Bull can hurt someone. However in a loving home with responsible owners these dogs are some of the most loving and loyal dogs out of all the breeds.

That’s about it. Oh, I forgot to mention, I put chocolate chips in the banana bread.

That’s what I got for a Wednesday. Hang in there folks Friday is in sight.