It’s been a while

It’s been awhilelucillelight
Since I couldn’t
Hold my head up high
And it’s been awhile
Since I said, “I’m sorry”

A year ago tomorrow I lost my Golden Retriever, Lucille to cancer. The hows and whys have been discussed and documented in this blog over the last year so I wont bore the audience with rehashing of the past.

I have been thinking about this approaching anniversary with mixed emotions. I wont lie its been mostly dread and sadness. Dread and sadness because I find myself slowly forgetting the small things about the dog. Her smell, her soft fur, how she would follow or look at me when I talked to her or her paws smelling like Fritos. The tangible things we take for granted. I’ll always carry her memory in my heart and mind, but the small things with time slip away.

I have rescued a couple or new dogs since Lucille has left, and while I have just as much an attachment to them as I did to her, its not the same. I didn’t hold these dogs at a week old. While I know both these new dogs are as happy and content to be here with me now, and the happiness I have in looking at them in their gratified lives there are times I still miss Lucille and wish she was here. All in all I guess I am right where I expected to be mentally a year later. I give myself a C+ or 73%

It’s also been a while since I posted up any McAwesome recipes over in the food section. Well fear not, its summer and its BBQ season. I have been experimenting on brisket and ribs these last few weeks.

BBQ is such a subjective issue with people. It doesn’t matter if I made ribs, chicken, or whatever standing next to Jesus H. Christ himself and my food was touched by the hand of the son of God. People are generally particular about what they consider good BBQ and thats BBQ that they make themselves or were raised eating.

Another reason this is true is because with the exception of a very few restaurants across this country making and selling true low and slow BBQ for profit is a no win proposition. To properly smoke a brisket takes 12-15 hours. Ribs 5-7 hours. Pulled pork 10 hours. So most restaurants cheat the BBQ and cook these meats conventionally in a more expeditious manner to remain profitable. This is the biggest reason when you go out to eat BBQ why its generally just ok. Nothing to knock your socks off or better then what you have done yourself at home following the most traditional BBQ cooking methods.

Well I have been playing around with my ribs recipe. Both my spare and baby back loin ribs and I am making and eating ribs in less then one hour and twenty minutes start to finish. If you didn’t see how I do it, I could put the ribs up with any restaurants and frankly enter them into BBQ contests and Im sure half those idiot judges would passing grade them.

I’ll put a rib recipe up in a few days with the trick. There will be true BBQ enthusiast controversy involved in the manner in which I get them done so quick, but then you can ask yourself, “Do I want ribs like within an hour or do I want to plan an entire day around them?”

Let me get this next part out of the way for the NSA and Uncle Sam in case they are reading along too. “Eat my ass!”

Nothing is private anymore folks. If you don’t want others knowing your business don’t put it out there.

That’s about the size of things. It’s a new day and a new week.

Let ‘er rip tater chips!

One thought on “It’s been a while

  1. Hi Brock. I can so relate to your pain about Lucille. I lost my 16 1/2 year old Jack Russell, Trip, on January 19 of last year. I too have a rescue who I love with all my heart, and she me, but she’s not Trip. On the anniversary of his crossing the rainbow bridge, I scattered some of his ashes in his favorite hangout – the back yard. I told my ex-husband that that was where he liked to be the most, and he said “No, where he liked to be the most was with you.” So I kept some ashes and when I moved into my apartment the box containing his ashes, his favorite blanket, and his favorite toys were the first thing I packed. Corny-ness alert: I am a die-hard rocker, but the Celine Deion song My Heart Will Go On from “Titanic” makes me think of him (not that I hear it very often). Also, I read a couple of books, “A Dog’s Purpose” and it’s sequel “A Dog’s Journey” by W. Bruce Cameron that helped me a lot and I’ve recommended to some friends.

    The town I live in is famous for it’s great BBQ and people literally come here for no other reason than to have some of it. My opinion – it sucks and after trying a couple of places that were supposed to be”the best” I didn’t waste any more time and money on it. I moved back south briefly last year and when changing my address the person on the phone said, Oh I bet you’re gonna miss that BBQ. Uh, no. He obviously had never had any of it. Southern BBQ is FAR superior. In the last year I quit eating animal products of any kind, initially for health reasons and then I fell headlong into the Peta trap. Watched a few documentaries on the atrocities of the meat industry and that was it for me. Not saying anybody else could would or should do that or that I don’t miss it sometimes. Especially a long, slow cooked Boston butt – my brother’s specialty.

    Re the spies – George Orwell wrote a book a long long time ago that I would imagine nobody reads anymore because it’s called 1984 which was aso a long long time ago. Back in the day it was hard to believe that such technology would ever exist, but 40 years later, here we are. Watched a documentary on Bob Dylan yesterday and of course Joan Baez was interviewed. She was talking about the tremendous apathy of the people even back then. As our education system implodes and people don’t know shit from shinola anymore, it’s worse. Especially if they’re the beneficiaries of the government cheese. So – if they are checking us out Brock, maybe we’ll go to the same concentration camp and can chat in person.

    Onward, by all means.

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