Unchained and I’ve hit the ground runnin’

I thought you’d never miss me till I got a fat city address

None stop talker, what a rocker

Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress

Well here it is, the first entry. I should probably start this off and appropriately thank the responsible parties who held the fuse to the spark of blogging I had been toying with in my head. Not unlike that little kid board in the summer starting fires in the woods with illegal bottle rockets.

Amy, Debbie and by association Allen, thanks. Here goes nothing.

I hope to contribute to this experiment at least once a day with my certain brand of humor.

“Hey funny fat ass, what do you have to contribute anyway?”

Well, as most of my friends know, I can pretty much talk about anything or have an opinion on the same. So with any luck, I may be of some interest and make a person smile or laugh. If thats the case, I won. If not, well then ahhh…coughfuckyoucough!

Hey I am trying.

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