“Edwina’s insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase”

Probably one of the greatest lines in a movie since Coppola’s “I love the smell of napalm in the  morning.”

So what exactly does this entry have to do with the movie Raising Arizona? Good question reader. Nothing really. Well that’s not entirely true. I did watch the movie last week, and thought about how much I enjoy pretty much all of the Coen brothers movies.

In fact while watching Raising Arizona last week, for dinner I made Nathan’s hotdogs. See the connection? Nathan’s hotdogs, and Nathan Arizona! If there are two things I enjoy in life its great cinema and a punch your mother in the throat its so good, hotdog.

You see I know a good movie when I see one. I know a damn good hotdog when I eat one. The only difference being I probably couldn’t go out tomorrow and make a great movie unless of course I pull a Howard Hughes and throw the family tool making fortune into it.

In the case of hotdogs though, I am like a damned Leonardo da Vinci to the world of encased meats. I have made them all and ate them all. I have traveled the world and at all costs have ate a hotdog everywhere I have been. The best in the world hands down are Nathan’s famous hotdogs. You know the company by the hotdog eating championships held each July 4th broadcast on ESPN.


Now Nathan’s while technically a New York dog, they differ slightly from the typical “dirty water” hotdogs sold from the carts in the city. Nathan’s is over in Brooklyn. Coney Island to be geographically correct.

Don’t confuse any respectable NY hotdog whether sold from a dirty water mobile cart on a street corner to a Papaya King, or the Mecca that is Nathan’s Famous as a “coney dog”. That coney dog shit started with the midwesterners in Michigan and they dictate chili, while onions, and mustard. In NY from my experience they love the cooked/stewed  red onion sauce.  Its all a matter of personal taste. Me, I’ll mix it up from time to time with kraut, relish, chili, all the way to the Chicago or Sonoran dogs.

This night was a simple chili, red onion, and a line or two of yellow mustard.

I will make this statement, and I hope and pray for your souls if you think otherwise. Ketchup NEVER goes on a hotdog. I don’t even give a pass to toddlers or pre-schoolers and the only way to get them to eat or face death by starvation is to put ketchup on a hotdog. “Little Johnny is going to die if I don’t put ketchup on his hotdog.” Then guess what? Get Karl Childers to whack that turd in the head with a lawnmower blade, call the hearse and go eat biscuits and mustard. NO ketchup on hotdogs! EVER!

So I hope you enjoyed this primer on hotdogs. Nathan’s hotdogs are sold in most popular grocery stores and if not available in your specific locations you can always order them directly from Nathan’s online. I’ve provide the link for you below so you don’t break your precious Google click finger.

Nathan’s Famous