Whadda ya want from me?

IMG_0091“One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy is sayin’, ‘Whadda ya want from me?'”

Hello loyal readers, hello world, hello Monday. Before we get going too far, let me first apologize for the content slow down at the Whats Up Brock empire. Sometimes life, work, or writers block gets the better of any of us and we slow down a bit. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have suffered from writers block or have nothing to say, but from time to time I look back at some of my writing trends and I add up the “Fucks, Politics, Religion or Vagina” posts and think maybe I should take a nap and come back with something fresh. I Don’t want to post just to post just to post. I believe in the have something to say, then say it but don’t bore people and be repetitive. Or something like that. Who needs rules when you’re at the top of the food chain?

Speaking of food chain. This past Friday I was fortunate to meet up with some close friends and start a new annual tradition. Good low country crawfish boil.

I have had crawfish many times in the past via restaurants here and there over the years. To really enjoy crawfish as much as any self respecting Louisiana Cajun you need to cook a metric shit ton of ’em, and sit around eating them outside in the company of friends. We did this and it was excellent. DSC_0378

I had brought this idea up to a good friend of mine this past fall. Crawfish season is in the spring, and that for anyone not living within driving distance to Louisiana can go online and buy and have shipped overnight live fresh crawfish to their door.

I was literally a day away from putting in an online order to Louisiana to have 30lbs of fresh crawfish shipped in. Now you may be thinking 30lbs of crawfish is a lot. How much does that cost and who are you feeding? Believe it or not 30lbs of crawfish shipped to your door isn’t terribly expensive at about $160. Furthermore 30lbs of crawfish isn’t a lot in regards to amount one has to eat. 30lbs is actually the smallest amount you should buy. Specifically 30lbs of crawfish is enough to feed about 10-12 people or 2 Cajuns as my friend Allen and I proved.


We didn’t ship these in overnight. The day before I was going to order them, my friend Allen, knew some folks that were driving up to Louisiana for a vacay and he gave them a cooler and some cash and viola we had 30lbs of live crawfish at our door for less then half the cost of having them flown via FedEx. 30lbs of crawfish $60. Oh and before I forget, live fresh crawfish will live about 4-5 days no problem in a cooler. So if you live within a days drive of Louisiana and you know someone going that way in the spring time, give them a cooler and some cash, you wont regret it.

There are many ways to cook crawfish. Steamed, boiled, you name it. Some add potatoes, corn, onion, garlic, lemon, sausage, spice packs. We elected to do a traditional boil, or a modified traditional boil. Some will add the sausage and vegetables in with the crawfish while they cook but we elected to boil the crawfish first, remove to a cooler then cook the potatoes, corn, sausage alone in the water. The reason is the sausage will render off the fat  and grease while it cooks and this way you don’t get all your crawfish oily and greasy. At least that was our reasoning and it worked out well.

When all is said and done, you get some friends together around a table, lay down some newspaper, then pile up the cooked goodness in the center of the table and go to town. Theres the whole pinch the tail, suck the head thing and I have to tell you its glorious. IMG_0928

Now what you see on the table here was the first pile of about five, ten of us together went through. Well let me rephrase that. This was the first pile that ten of us ate, then there was about four more piles of about this size that Allen and I went through with shit eating grins and pure culinary bliss.

Everyone enjoyed the crawfish some more then others. Its a lot of work for a little succulent tail meat. However its camaraderie around the table with friends that is the main ingredient being shared and enjoyed the most.

We all sat down and enjoyed the first heap of crawfish. Some ate the corn and potatoes and sausage, I think I tried some sausage. After that first heap, Allen and I looked at each other saw that everyone else happily tried some and then we got down to business with a five gallon bucket between us for the shells and we wiped out about about 25 of the 30lbs between us. Really 30lbs of crawfish isn’t a lot. There is only about a bite of tail meat and juice in the body region. The rest gets thrown away. I wasn’t even full. Well actually I was happily full but not “oh god, I pigged out and ate too much full.” Online when ordering crawfish sites will state normal people will eat about 2lbs each but figure about 10lbs for a Cajun. Allen and I proved this is true as we passed the Cajun mark and happily headed into Troy Landry “shoot ’em” territory.

Allen and I pretty much committed this activity to a once a year tradition and depending on who we invite next time, we’ll pretty much ensure the two of us will easily eat 15lbs each and then we’ll add more for any other guests. Its a good time and an easy way to get folks together around a table for good food.

There was cake, pie, brownies / blondies, pulled pork there too, and I tried a bit of each, but I will have to be honest this inaugural event was about the almighty crustaceans.

If you like shrimp, lobster, or other assorted seafood I venture a guess you’ll love crawfish.

Let ‘er rip tater chips.

Back in Black Friday

I keep lookin’ at the sky
’cause its getting me high 

By now we should have made it through another Thanksgiving meal and for those that chose to attempt it, the day after shopping on this Black Friday.

In the end I made up some sides and brought them to my folks to eat this year. Yeast rolls as you can see was one of the few things I made. They came out pretty good and I was surprised how easy they are to make. I also made some cranberry sauce and cornbread dressing. Between this and what my folks made we ate pretty damn good and gluttonous yesterday. I’ll put them all in the recipe section later. I am in the process of reformatting all the recipes into a standardized format thats easily printable so you guys can take them with you.

I didn’t bother with shopping today. Not that I ever would. Saw a few reports on TV of the idiots around the country looking for a deal. The mad rush and push to get a cheap flat panel tv or a video game in this country is beyond sad. I am all for getting a deal and times are tough on people, but its stupid to think the only time you can score these deals is the day after or more accurately this year, at nine pm on Thanksgiving night. Much like our national elections in this country, people are stupid.

Really? Over a phone, Xbox, waffle iron? Look closely at this video. These imbeciles VOTE, and make more imbeciles.

Folks, understand this right here right now. Mankind is officially on the downward leg, rapidly picking up speed to extinction. Do not fool yourselves for a second that it is not happening.

Other then that I don’t feel too strongly about the whole matter.

I hope that all the rest of you had a good time with your families and had the chance to sit down and relax with loved ones. Its got to be a little more important and gratifying then standing in some line at the crack ass of dawn and putting up with this nonsense. As a small child I loved Santa Clause and getting gifts at Christmas as much as the next kid, but with all honesty from those moments to this very one, none of that shit mattered more then being with family.

Let ‘er rip tater chip!

Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble

It’s that all important day again. What day is that Brock? The day when we’re all thankful for everyone, everything and profess our love for all things peace and beautiful? No not that day. I am talking about the day we sit around all day eating food that some key members of family stood around cooking all day, swearing about how an ungrateful bunch of bastards the rest of the world may be. The day before everyone goes out like a bunch of goddamned maniacs to stand in store lines at ungodly hours in the morning in hopes that you will get a coupon to a free box of tampons or a playstation at a blistering $5 off the retail price.

Oh that day. Yea, buts its so much better and easier to post status updates on Facebook about how you’re grateful for that one time you got a flat tire and the strange man helped change the tire and didn’t kidnap you in the back of his van. That day you didn’t wind up in his basement well, being lowered a basket of lotion and being told. “Its puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.”

Oh you forgot to be thankful for that one huh?

As every other year, I too have thought about how thankful I am for the people and things in my life. Its the same each year. This year however I have committed to do a little more then tell people I am thankful. This year I will make at least a 10% increase in showing people or things how grateful I am. Anyone can proclaim how thankful they may be, but that crap is forgotten Friday morning while rushing through stores with a Starbucks latte in hand. Go show that person or thing how thankful you may be. It gets a little harder and a little more involved then a status update on Facebook.

I have been blessed with a damn good family and collection of friends. I got a lot of damn thankful to start showing. I’ve never said it enough and I know I have never shown it enough. Reasons and excuses are many just like good intention paves the way to hell. I know my limits which is why I only bid to change my ways and show thanks and gratefulness by a net increase of 10%. May sound small but the way I look at it, 10% of a metric shit ton of thankful and gratefulness to be shown should keep me busy for most of the next year. I’ll report back in November 2013 and tell you how I did. Save the date and all that.

I started my Thanksgiving cooking. Sort of. My southern roots dictate I bust out a cornbread stuffing/dressing to bring to the folks. We’ll see how that turns out. I’m also making some no-knead Parker House type yeast rolls, cranberry sauce, and possibly another coconut lemon cake. I’ll have to knock a fresh coconut out of the tree tomorrow morning however. I’ll document all these side dishes and desserts as much as I can to include in the recipe section.

Thats where I am right now. Thankful for a lot of things sure, but I rather commit to showing it cause in the past I fail at that more times then not.

Let ‘er rip, tater chip!